Sent by the band...March 2012

Nomega (Romania) - 2012 - Deimos

"We are not here to make music. We are not here to sing about feelings, social or political aspects and their influence on our lives. We are hear to worship sound. We are here to influence your psyche. WE ARE HERE TO MAKE SOME NOISE!"

VOLTAICA - "Errante" EP 

Great band from Galicia playing noisy catchy punk.

"Voltaica bursts into scene at a national scale with ERRANTE, its new EP. The Galician band lays down a new musical dimension inside the loudest punk. Synthesizers and furious fuzz stand out as the roughest part of their sound as the rhythmical base, heavy and extremely intense, supports moments that go from the visceral to the melodious."

In the Company of Serpents - 2012 - S/T

Heavy tunes from Denver, US

check this new video from swedish riff-fellas One Inch Giant :

Town Portal - Vacuum Horror

 instrumental math-rock/prog-metal band from Copenhagen. Recommended !

"Town Portal play instrumental rock that crosses borders of genres. Tapping on experience from earlier endeavors in genres like death metal, shoegaze and math rock, the three members bring components of it all into a melting pot, creating a unique niche of original melodies and harmonies, fixated on a skeleton of complex and playful rhythm structures. Under the dogma of forsaking vocals and other superfluous effects, the band throw themselves into a search of new meaningful ways to compose tones over time, with a heavy and dry precision. After a European tour in 2010 and a minor row of Danish shows, they released their debut EP entitled Vacuum Horror in late 2011. The EP was followed up by another European tour in the beginning of 2012. In Denmark the EP was praised in several large- and small scale magazines, and the opening track Rosini is currently in rotation on national Danish radio, DR P6. A surprising outcome for an instrumental band, with its roots heavily planted in the DIY scenes ethics and methods. At the moment they’re preparing the recording of their debut album set to be released later this year."

Spirals- 2012 - Spirals 

 psychedelic Drone from California.

"Spirals is ambient / krautrock / stoner drone performed by D. Lehman, R. Major, and R. Sawyer (http://rainbathv.tumblr.com/).  A 3" CD-R containing two hymns in hand-stitched, hand-numbered packaging is now available at http://spiralsritual.bandcamp.com .  We enjoy the Dimension of Sonic Excellence and were hoping you could help us share this ritual with the masses."

 Calf (Greece) – 2011 - A Constant Loss Departs From the Sentiment of the Abandoned

"Calf is a post rock-noise band formed in Athens Greece in 2009. The music of calf is complex and can go to extremes as reflected in the songs. More than one musical ideas are visited in each song, sometimes peaceful and serene and others violent and intense. In 2011 the band released their first album by the name “a constant loss departs from the sentiment of the abandoned”. "

free download

Obstacles - 2011 - Oscillate

A Copenhagen-based progressive, instrumental rock group.


The Bonesinner

Gifted, talanted and sad ballads.

"The Bonesinner
After many years playing the guitar in countless bands in Spain, Canada and the UK, at the end of 2010 Mario Sánchez Gómez (Madrid, 1979) decided to embark on The Bonesinner after the break up of the band he was playing with in London.
Following the sounds from the demos he had been working on during a few years back, he recorded in Madrid some songs as The Bonesinner with Juan Navazo as producer. Songs like “Without you”, “Long time ago”, “It will always be the same” come from these first recordings.
Back in London he started playing some of the songs from The Bonesinner live in small acoustic shows and open-mic sessions. After these first London shows, he played in China where he decided to go back to Madrid at the summer of 2011.
The Bonesinner’s musical influence could be artists as disparate as flamenco legend Camarón de la Isla, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Robe Iniesta, The Cramps, Sinatra, Nick Drake or Scott Walker, although everything is an influence. “What really moves me to writing music is life, this fucked up, strange life. It has always been like this and I think it will always be”.
The coming year, 2012, looks promising for The Bonesinner. Concerts accross Europe and album recording at summertime... this is only the beginning.
Let The Music Do The Talkin'"


 Burn Everything - 2012 - Hollow Victory 7''

they passed math for "A+"

"The new 7" from New Yorkers Burn Everything is here. Fans of Burnt By the Sun, Botch, and Dillinger Escape Plan. This is math metal at its finest. "

 http://burneverything.bandcamp.com/ (Stream)
 http://dullestrecords.bigcartel.com/product/hollow-victory-ep (Buy)

 Shock Radar - 2012 - Generator

 Fine art rock from New York


 Legal Fingers - 2012 - No Time For Tenderness

 "stoner rock in the same way that Bad Wizard or The Hellacopters"

you need to buy this CD for next reasons :

"Professionally pressed from a glass master. Sealed in the finest of plastic. Put it on a shelf and impress your friends with all the sweet artwork featuring the hottest ebony babes of the 1970s.
Along with the disc, you'll receive a free, unique gift. This amounts to basically whatever we have laying around. You want some pictures of pro wrestlers Wernie drew when he was 13? They're yours. You want seven copies of the Space Jam Soundtrack from Jon's record store? All yours, buddy.
Also included will be a handwritten letter of appreciation for your support of the band with a fabricated story about when we met, like that time we got super fucked up on cheap coke cut with dry bleach and made that stripper in Dayton, OH suck our toes. (Wild times, brother.)"


 And for the last but not the least some fresh cuts from lovely Fister

"Our newest release is Violence. We're also releasing The Infernal Paramount in May."

Fister -  2012 - Violence EP


 Fister -  2012 - The Infernal Paramount 
(2 tracks from the upcoming album)