Monolith Cult - Run from the Light (Review)

Welcome to the medieval cult of heaviness !
Let me introduce you the "all-star" band called Monolith Cult that is based in Bardford, UK. Featuring members from the likes of Lazarus Blackstar, Solstice, Ex-Khang and Ex-The Dead Resurrected, Threads, Serenity, Silverburn.

So if suddenly you run out of electricity and don't have any chance to listen to the Monolith's tunes, but you did print the Review just to read on the bus station - here's my comparison "You can take the heaviness of Warhorse, Goatsnake and mix it with the Candlemass/Obsessed/St.Vitus and add some classic Pueple/Dio".
Robust fuzzed-out sound / high-quality riffage / change in tempo / recognizable chorus - that stuff makes this band fuckin unique!

Let's say what I like about this album :
- First of all - the sludgy samples, that start it all. They sound awesome in such swampy atmosphere.
- It's not boring at all ! Gonna listen this album again and again.
- The whole album is a solid masterpiece. And such songs as "Monolith Cult", "Human Cull", "Suicide and Heroin" - should be carved in stone, because that's timeless classic.
- Another cool release on my favorite Future Noise Recs.
What I don't like about this album :
- Why I don't have it on the white vinyl yet ?

"Run From the Light" is probably the best doom album of the year!
Highly recommended !!!


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