Pure Bearded Fury

Are you ready for the loud-stoned-alco-party ?
Gay Paris came here to fill your mouth with cheap booze, bring you some fire to burn a joint, and finally to punish your ears with nasty, loud, cathy, foxfucking fresh anekdotes.

GP has their own row dirty sounding face in modern Australian scene. Deep punk, stoner, r'n'r roots are detected. I'm really much into their epic rock moments when the music goes quiet down and then overflows into mosh-dance hit. Pretty damn good for debut.
Someone will call this somekind of brutalized version of Clutch's "Impetus" era, and a lot of more good catchy bands...

this is what others are thinging about GP

catch these dudes on tour right now if you can


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Let your neighbours turn into foxes!
(Huge fat thanx to Michelle)

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