SARDONIS / ETERNAL ELYSIUM - 2012 - Split CD/LP (Review)

This split was done specially for Japanese tour of both bands during October 2012.
 Two of my favourite bands are on this split. Belgian heavy instrumental duo Sardonis is on my watch-list since their debut 7'' in 2008. And Japanese Eternal Elysium is simply the heaviest band in the Universe.  I used to call it this way after that my heavyweight friend set down on EE's 10" vinyl and it didn't get any damage still playing excellent. That's the real story )

So Heavy Riffs are coming...
 Sardonis shows us the most epic song from their portfolio called "Ascending". 
Slow crawling intro...the good strong riff cuts the fog...It goes further riff by riff...slows down...and punches you faster at the end.
 And even keyboard sounds had found their place in this song structure.
If I'm not mistaken this is the first time Sardonis goes for such experiment.
Sounds Awesome !

The second song appears on CD version only and it's called "To the Barn". It starts from the reverse drums and goes with the massive supercharged (guess what ?) riffs.
And it was already released on the wax as a split with holland's TANK 86. (If you didn't heard it yet - you can find it on youtube or bandcamp as well)
And yes, If you didn't heard the latest second fullength by Sardonis "II" - you should do it immediately too.

Turn the Plate and you'll get 2 awesome tracks by Eternal Elysium.
"Unbound (Kai Hoh)" - got slow, dark, doomy atmosphere. Sax at the end also says that this band is widely opened for innovations.
"Circulation (Jun Kan)" - starts with cool bluesy riff and then outgrows into strong, catchy stoner vibe.
"The Spiral Conclusion" is the bonus track for CD edition. Pretty fresh one. It was recorded in 2011 and appeared on vinyl version of  Elysium's "Searching Low & High" that was released also on mighty Hydro-Phonic Recs. Good space passage...

Also I need to mention that Eternal Elysium released new EP that has a name of the theme for Shinya Ishikawa from Big Japan Pro-Wrestling- "Highflyer"

I hope that European fans will have an opportunity to get this EP on some good label. Hopefully this will be released on the wax as well.

 Here're you can watch two epic performances of the Jap tour mentioned at the beginning of this post :