Mother Mars - 2013 - Steam Machine Museum (Review) & exclusive 2 tracks streaming

Absolutely awesome 4th album by the Australian heavynauts.
It's long, massive and full of diversity.
The album will be released on the 24th of April on Pepper Shaker Records (band's own label). The band on this record is former 3 piece line up that has Marcus De pasquale on Guitar, Nathan Gatt on Key's, Paul Attard on Bass and Frank Attard on drums.

В то время,когда учёные всего мира ломают голову над вопросом есть ли жизнь на Марсе или нет,скромная австралийская группа Mother Mars приглашает всех желающих на экскурсию в Марсианский музей паровых машин.

В программу экскурсии включены 9 экспонатов,уникальных по своему виду и звуку. Организаторы подошли к делу с неподдельной серьёзностью и "профессиональным трепетом". Заглавная вещь - Down The Line начинаясь весьма неторопливо довольно быстро меняет темп создавая интригу для дальнейшего прослушивания и.....в дело вступает Low Frequent C's - монструозный шедевр в лучших традициях тяжёлого психоделического трипа. Но не подумайте,что он единственный - ведь впереди вас ждёт загадочная потусторонняя Terra Australis! К середине альбома неожиданно выскакивает Toki-Ho-Bo этакая казалось бы шалость среди прочих экспонатов - кусочек марсианского кантри или просто разминка для вашей встречи с Ней.......я говорю о Spacegirl. Теперь я уверен точно - мы не одни в космосе! Дальше вы оказываетесь на Astro Rodeo ,где за 7 минут Вам предстоит безмолвно объездить серъезного упрямого и жесткого инопланетного минотавра. А после этого милости просим - War Of The Gods - здесь всё масштабно как и подобает богам. Финальная композиция Larry - провожает вас до дверей умиротворенно и безмолвно,лишь хитро подмигнув напоследок - Приходите ещё,наш музей открыт для Вас с 26 апреля ежедневно!!! И я Вам обещаю -ВЫ БУДЕТЕ ЗДЕСЬ ЧАСТЫМ ГОСТЕМ!!!

(Review by Dron)

Stream first 2 tracks from the "Steam..."

"Down The Line"

" Low Frequent C's"



Fister - 2013 - Gemini (Review)


This is gonna be the 5th Fister-post on our blog. Now it's officialy certified as Robust band.
The concept laid behind Fister is very convincing. The trio appears to be in possession of some clandestine information as they claim that it is not Lucifer who is running business in hell, but Charles Bronson. Having never provided us with irrefutable proof of this weird belief, these guys continue to stay hell bent on this outlandish assumption with nothing capable of convincing them in the opposite. They think that Charles Bronson arrived in hell and blew the brains out of Lucifer’s head with his six-shooter, subsequently taking his place and thus turning an army of menacing demons into his servants. Now he thrives in his hell- reign, mobilizing forces for invasion on the Earth so that those who question the indisputable fact that Siergio Leone’s “Once Upon a Time in The West “ is the best western ever may finally fade into obscurity. I have never questioned this fact and therefore can sleep well. Those who dare commit such blasphemy will soon meet horrible fate, as they will be dragged deep into the bowels of the Earth and beg forgiveness from Charlie. Anyway, never have I dreamed about incarceration in mental asylum so on this heavy not I will delve deeper into the tunes which this trio unleashes in order to please their infernal master, Charles “Lucifer” Bronson or whatever his name is.

Formed in 2009 by Kenny Snarzyk, handling super heavy bass and lead vocals. He is joined by Marcus Newstead on guitars and Kirk Gatterer on drums. A demo was released in 2010 entitled Fisted Sister. In 2011, the band joined the Bronson’s covenant by releasing their first release “Bronsonic”, which was a never wasting time of getting down to bone-crushing devastation. It was one of the heaviest sludge/doom Armageddons to ever punish the earth, and by far the most successful delivery of Charlie’s message to the ignorant crowd. So heavy and downturned it was that decibel level exceeded all conceivable limits at some points in the album , so converting my friends into zombified worshippers of Charles Lucifer Bronson was an easy thing to behold. Not only was it a chance to get drowned into filth, unbearable heaviness was perfectly bordered by catchy and bong-provoking doom grooves so is succeeded in satisfying all members of the covenant both initiates and veterans alike. Like Electric Wizard and Sleep, Fister have proved themselves worthy in the world of doom with Bronsonic.
Since then, the band has released 3EP-s, one compilation and split with Lion’s Daughter called “And Their Masters Bled for Days”. All of the mentioned releases are worthy of listening, so go grab them if you have not done it yet. However, today is the day when all servants of Bronson should unite and be made whole, as the next full –length from St Louis sludge/doom trio has been finally forged. Bearing the title “Gemini”, second LP is 46-minute long exercise in monumental heavy as hell doom. From the very onset it becomes evident that these guys have serious intent to prove their allegiance to their master by completely punishing our eardrums. The production is crisp, abrasive and raw to some extent. Vocals are throat –shredding and percussion is pummeling, bass is nausea-inducing and guitar is razor-sharp and throat –cutting, all coupled together creates a dangerous formula required for opening a hell gate from where Demonic Warlord Charles and his army of hell will emerge. In terms of music, the formula is very successful as here we have brutal sludge riffs superimposed over atmospheric ambient mess. The songs are never getting boring or tedious, dragging you deeper into hell hole growing out of your speakers with each consecutive riff. Fister has adopted a little bit more straightforward approach here, preferring to stay on the verge of heaviness throughout the entire release. But nevertheless, each song maintains the character of its own and avoid drowning in the failure of widespread clichés.
Straight from the opening track “Antitheist”, the anthiteistic feel is immediately evident as Fister unleashes a ton of heaviness in an attempt to make the hellhole so that Charlie can come. The record becomes even heavier after two minutes have elapsed so get ready for all your religious foundations to be completely destroyed.
Suicide Hessian’ start off with a more speedy vibe but quickly slows into excessively heavy grooves as there is apparent need to further crumble the earth in order to make hell-hole wider.
III’ continues the barrage of the opening two tracks with slower crushing chord work. This sound is just pure filth. The elongated and wistful droning carries you far into the dark and twisted reality Fister crawled out of. We are mercifully given a chance to relax as the track fades to a close.
Next is the titular song ‘Gemini’, which is an experiment in calmness and harmony compared to the rest of the album. It has Dopethrone –era Electric Wizard reminiscences so it does manage to retain eerie atmosphere amid more psych-oriented tunes. A good break from the ear-punishing madness prevailing on previous songs.
Next one, Sinking Estonia’s gets the sludge back on track, delivering an unrelenting dose of toxic sludge goodness. Think of another amazing sludge band ‘Indian’ getting drunk and coming to decision to add some black metal sound to the songs and play it in garage in state of complete hangover – that pretty much sums up . The Demonic hand of Charlie is protruding from the hell-hole on this point, holding a hell-charged six-shooter pointing at all of you who dared questioning the magnificence of ‘Once upon a time in the West”. Go grab this ageless classic and watch it or you’re fucked.
Permanent Chemical Psychosis’, is a more stoner-doom oriented vide, so get ready for yet another respite.
Combining elements of all what you have witnessed in the previous songs, the 2-nd grand congregation of Bronson worshippers comes to an end with the Invisible Corpse. The gloomy atmosphere, dark discordant guitar work, pounding drums, tectonic bass movements and hell-spawned vocal delivery is all what this song about. The final lyrics continue to echo long after silence wipes them away. “No one will mourn me. No one gives a shit. No one will miss me." No way Charlie, we will miss and mourn you forever, but you will be forever commemorated in the form of new hell overlord, Charles Lucifer Bronson. Hail Charles, Hail Lucifer, Hail Bronson.
To sum up, the 2-nd congregation was very successful. The hell-hole had been opened, and Charlie had embarked on his plan to punish all who questioning the indisputable magnificence of Sergio Leone’s never dying classic. I support him in this venture. We hope to get more heaviness from St. Louis trio in the third congregation. 9/10.
(Review by Den)
PS. Here's also a fresh live tape by FISTER. Don't forget to check it out too.



The Spanish Metal Scene: Corrosive And Divine

It’s fair to say when you think about anything thrash/death metal/hardcore/grindcore related, Spain probably isn’t the first country you’d ascribe it to. It seems just too improbable that the country you associate with much more sedate pastimes and pleasures could create the kind of blood curdlingly beautiful noise that anyone reading this blog loves. However, just look a little further into the country and you realise that perception is wrong and indeed Spain is actually a great place to discover new up and coming metal bands that really offer a different take on the genre.
Three of the best to watch out for
There are always a few really decent bands that you come to in your life that leave you wondering “why the hell did I not know about them before?” and this next bunch are no exception. They’ve been put together as a sample of some of the great acts that are coming out of Spain. They’re not all new, but all of them either have new releases to promote or are preparing to get stuff out into the ether later this year.


Hailing from Barcelona and relative newcomers to the scene, Wis(h)key were formed in 2011 and their bandcamp site offers a full preview of their next single ‘Voodoo River’ which is to be released on 1st June 2013. They’re a more typical kind of crossover band, that don’t sit easily in just one style of music. They’ve been in and around and gigging in one form or another for around a decade and the band members Ori Novella, Ruben Chacon, Isma Garcia, JA Roman and Marcos Lopez started the project as a bit of fun, but realised after a short while that they’d built up a pretty solid base of songs that would create a damned fine debut album.

They recorded it at Artegrama Studio in Barcelona and the reaction on it’s release, astounded them. Thus, they’ve gone back into the studio and are hoping to record more this year, with ‘Voodoo River’ being pre-released as a taster for something much bigger to come. They also have a pretty awesome YouTube channel too; their music videos are good to watch, classy and very well filmed and edited and seem to capture the heart and soul of metal music, but there’s an innate class and quality to the shooting of them that still wouldn’t look out of place on a mainstream music video channel either. This might end up setting them apart from some of the other bands in their genre if they ever make it really big. They seem to have a feel for how to craft something lovingly and with care. The same goes for their music too. Definitely a band to give a little bit of your time over to get to know and love.


Whilst Wis(h)key are more of a crossover band that might perhaps have a potentially wider appeal to a newer audience who want to perhaps have more of a gentler introduction to the genre, A.D. are the complete opposite. Their latest album ‘Marcha Al Abismo’ was released last month to critical acclaim, and it is utterly unrelenting in both it’s ferocity of volume and crunching power. The band has been inexistence for around thirteen years now and this is their second release. It's an uncompromising listen that will leave you wanting to hear more.

Falsos Positivos

Released last month ‘Nuestra Hora’ is the third release from Falsos Positivos, a Valencian punk hardcore act who are making quietly noisy waves in their home country. The band consists of Serrano on vocals, xTonix on guitar and vocals, xMarix on bass and Edu on drums. Their music belies the message they are trying to get across. Their lyrics are probably what you would call provocative, they’re not political in the truest sense but they lean towards trying to paint hardcore and metal fans in a more positive light, rather than the somewhat negative traditional viewpoint that most people have of the genre. They’re definitely another one to watch out for this year and in the future.
If you’d like to find out more about the bands mentioned here, are interested in finding out more about the Spanish Metal scene at the current moment and getting hold of some of the best value music deals around, then check out all of the various group’s Bandcamp pages. The best thing about listening and buying from Bandcamp is that you’re directly supporting the artists themselves and not only that you can find out about all the other great acts from the area into the bargain. Many of the bands on there link directly to other groups that they think their fan base might like, so it's always worth your time clicking through and seeing what else is on offer. There you have it; the Spanish metal scene is definitely one of the ones to watch during 2013 and beyond. You all definitely need to watch this space for more to come.
Text by special robust reporter EVE

Riot Season News

RS slays with it's latest releases. Without any doubt this is the strongest independent European label.
Here're 2 upcoming albums from this fabulous label that will reach my personal "Top of the noise" for sure. 

Dethscalator - Racial Golf Course No Bitches LP


This is truly sick.
This is undoubtly heavy. 
This is new Dethscalator's album that follows a successful split LP with Hey Colossus.
"Racial Golf Course" sounds like a Margaret Thatchers' funeral. Someone will like it, someone not.
"Slow, angry, psychedelic and gigantic - like a paisley glacier full of Stanley Knives, flowing over Brian Blessed’s foot - Dethscalator move at their own pace. They formed in 2008 in Hackney, London, and have spent the last five years building up to the release of their debut album Racial Golf Course No Bitches. (The band’s drummer Stu Bell said of the name: “What does it mean? I just had this image in my head of a sign you’d see on a golf course by a picket fence that would make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I think it came about because we found out you can buy 500 golf tees with Dethscalator printed on them for £30.”) And it may have become the Chinese Democracy of noise rock over the last half decade, but now that it’s here, we can safely reassure you that it was well worth the wait.
Road hardened and tightened the band have shrugged off their looser, sludge-blasted origins to reconnect with their American 80s post hardcore, pig fuck roots, with riffs n’ hooks worthy of Killdozer, Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Butthole Surfers and Fudge Tunnel but have mixed this up with giant slabs of monolithic doom, coruscating beams of white noise and whirling vortices of space rock.
However it is the deep, dub influenced production job; the way that layers and layers of feedback have been marshalled into a horrific orchestral wall of sonic horror and the brightly fizzing lysergic sheen to the whole shebang that will bestow a blessing on your ears. This is guaranteed to tweak your brain’s long dormant and atavistic proto-human god nodules and have you punching your walls like William Hurt as the multi-coloured amoeba man at the end of Altered States after he’s spent an afternoon in a floatation tank on Ayahuasca and seen a goat with 13 eyes nailed to a crucifix.
Howling drunkenly into the abyss has never been so much fun... and this time it comes with a free golf tee."

Initial mailorder copies come with free printed Dethscalator golf tee while stocks last. The first 50 copies will also come with a free folded A3 promo poster (first come first served)





Tokyo-based "psychedelic solid free attack group" is back after the 12 years of silence.
Following the latest Riot Season's releases : Pikacyu*Makoto & Acid Mother's Temple.
"One of the most celebrated Japanese Underground bands have returned! It may have taken over 12 years, but Kawabata Makoto, guitar guru and head honcho in Acid Mothers Temple, has finally decided to get his celebrated 'psychedelic solid free attack group' back together.
Joining original Mainliner members Kawabata Makoto (motorpsycho guitar) and Koji Shimura (drums) is new recruit Kawabe Taigen (bass/vocals) and the trio still kick up one hell of a sonic racket.
Confusion surrounds the exact details of the recording, but they seem to date from December 2011, and from Kawabata's mountain top temple studio-cum-home. The man himself, as always, is shying away from sharing too many of the magick details about the Mainliner rebirth. And the stark, minimal black with gold sleeve keeps the mystery intact, apart from the grainy band photo on the rear.
All said, 'Revelation Space', is a comeback statement of intent. And it's firmly in the same 'in the red / raw' camp as the original trio's classic 'Mellow Out'. From the initial speaker shaking feedback burst of opener 'Revelation Space', right through to the closing 20-minute epic 'New Sun' (which showcases Taigen's otherworldly howl perfectly) there is no let up in the brutal delivery.
This will no doubt delight those Mainliner diehards who never thought they'd see the day again, and all those with a love of over the top guitar howls and punishing feedback levels, but always under pinned by some righteous grooves.
The band will be touring the UK in September, and the rest of the world will follow."