Boston Duet (Bass and Drums).

The maximum density of the sound if there is no guitar.
Vocals are very good in all its diversity, from the meditative chants and clean melodic singing to screaming lingering, gradually fading into the wall of sound and distorted sladgy cry.
Album was released on MeteorCity.



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Olde Growth (US) - 2010 - Self Titled


More Than Relaxing

At last !
The Heads , debut album, Relaxing With... originally released in 1996, is due for a re-mastered, re-release on August 30th, packed with an extra disc including unreleased tracks and John Peel sessions.

The Bristol four piece, produce a psychedelic mass of feedback, riffs and amp blowing noise, straight from the underground scene created by the likes of the Stooges, Hawkwind and The Velvet Underground.

The original album, on disc 1, is a huge mass of stonking riffs, deep, knee trembling bass and thumping percussion. Huge in sound, yet disturbingly chilled out, this is music to get lost in.

Experimental from start to finish, with vocals that ooze coolness. This is an album that rips up the rule book and defies stereotype.

Disk One
#1 Quad
#2 Dont Know Yet
#3 Chipped
#4 Slow Down
#5 U33
#6 Television
#7 Woke Up
#8 Widowmaker
#9 Taken Too Much
#10 Coogans Bluff
Time : 77 min (!)

To end the first disc, comes Coogan’s Bluff, 45 minutes of guitar and drum beat excess, this monstrous track is a 45 minute trip, and I’m not talking the kind that requires a picnic, complete with highs and a comedown at the end, it is a piece of rock music that deserves a review in its own right, if you can bare to listen to the excess for the full 45 minutes that is.

Disk Two
#1 Spliff Riff (#1)
#2 Quad (Single version)
#3 Woke Up (Single version)
#4 Looking At You (Single version)
#5 Coogans Bluff (Single version)
#6 Theme
#7 Television (Single version)
#8 Steamroller
#9 Jellystoned Park
#10 Quad (Radio 1 Rock Show)
#11 U33 (Radio 1 Rock Show)
#12 Television (Mark Radcliffe Session)
#13 Chipped (John Peel Session)
#14 Widowmaker (John Peel Session)
#15 Theme (John Peel Session)
#16 Woke Up (John Peel Session)
#17 Spliff Riff (John Peel Session)

Time : 69 min

Disc 2, begins with 1991’s demo, Spliff Riff, a frantic blaze of stomping drums and fuzzy, screaming riffs. The 9 minutes of mind bending noise, sets the tone really for what follows, original versions and b sides of tracks from disc 1 and brilliantly raw Radio 1 sessions, including 5 John Peel sessions at the end of the disc.

This album is a mind bending, hallucinogenic of experimental, psychedelic chaos and noise that demands a place on your record collection

Relax One