Frogskin comes to Robustfest !

Hail creepy robustfellows !
Don't forget to get spare dry pants to the event. 
Frogskin comes to Robustfest !

FROGSKIN comes from the place called Nurmijärvi, Finland. They have made strong demo, split with TAUNT, self-titled LP and last year they belched loudly with 3 new tracks on one split together with heavyweight neighbours SEMTEX and DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE.
Frogskin is one of the dirtiest, heaviest and ugliest (by the sound) in the world's underground scene. Standing on the one step with Finland's own Loinen, Fleshpress, Throat and Stumm (RIP)

This will be their first gig outta Finland. And Frogskin will play only one off show this year, at ROBUSTFEST! Should I add something more ?