Camion - 2014 - Bulls

Camion is a heavy rock'n’roll band from Lausanne, Switzerland. This is a very masculine or I'd even say alpha-male band. Meat, beers, gigs, girls, balls count for the things of major importance for the guys. You can really feel it while listening to their music - it's not only heavy, but harsh and grinding as well. 

After releasing "Balls" in 2010, the band came back with "Bulls" February 2014. Stylistically it's blues mixed with hardcore, groove metal and a little dose of stoner served in a really nasty manner. Metaphorically it fully corresponds with an image of the bull portrayed on the front cover of the album. Aggressive and ready to attack. And "Camion" attacks! Around 44 minutes of angry sonic massacre will be unleashed from your speakers once you press the play button. Think of the bands like Pantera, Bluesbreaker, Lamb of God, Clutch & Down, with a really harsh vocal and combine it with a described above image. You'll get the idea of what this band is all about.

I truly believe that these guys are having a lot of fun on stage and throughout their lives as the album sounds like something that band-members of "Camion" really liked doing. I advise to listen to "Bulls" to anyone who likes energetic, adrenaline-fueled rock or metal. Just be careful with your head-banging practice - this music may make your neck crack.