ROBUSTFEST vol.II DVD Released !!!

Like a little robustfellow this DVD matured during 9 months after the fest in grievous torments.
We really glad to have the very first (hope not the least) release under the sign "RBF 001"

So please welcome :

Standart Edition :

that includes :

- Robustfest vol.II DVD with tonns of extras such as arts, posters, merch, photos & teasers galleries.
- Digipack cover with selective varnishing. If you touch it once, you'll never let it go.
- Exclusive songs from Mozergush and Frogskin that have never sounded before.
- Orignal Festival's Schedule 2012

Limited Edition :
- Blue Label (ltd. to 43 copies. no repress) - avalaible for the public
- Green Label (ltd. to 11 copies. no repress) - for the Robustcrew only

includes :

- ROBUSTFEST vol.II DVD (Standart Edition)
- Comic Book with Robustfellow Story (includes most Robust Arts, Posters from 2012 and lots of unreleased images)
- ROBUSTFEST vol.I DVD from 2011 (incl. full Bomg's live set, Photo, Merch Galleries, Teasers, Making of Robustfest)
- Transperent Sticker RBF 2012
- Robustcrew Badge 2012 (become an official Robustcrew member now !)
- Robust Tokens made from Wood. (So you're having free beer or a veganburger for the next fest, ain't this sweet ?)

Prices :

Standart Edition - 10 Euro/100 грн.
Limited Edition - 15 Euro/150 грн.

Shipping rates :

UA - 2 Euro
Europe/CIS - 4 Euro
RoW - 5 Euro

For ordering the DVD just shoot a message to robustfellowship@gmail.com naming the theme "Robust DVD"