Loinen feat. Paanin Kuoro - 2012 - Mutajazz (tape) Review

 Here comes the collaboration between sickest band from the Universe - Loinen and the Jazz musician Paanin Kuoro. Both are from Finland.
Pure DIY Tape limited to 100 copies. 
Free/Extreme/Avantgarde jazz covered with GG's brutal vocals.
I like sounds of Sax and Trumpet on this tape that reminds most extreme works of John Zorn (Painkiller and Naked City). And I'm not too much into classic jazz scene but I can compare this stuff to the energy of americans - Mothguts and british band Honey Ride Me a Goat. 

Good work done indeed. Sometimes it goes really hard. You can get discomfort, headache together with pleasure while listening to this tape. And sometimes music goes into deep, dark, tribal sludgy atmosphere that Loinen used to discolose on their records. 

Here is that smashing effect that every Sludge band  wanna get but it requires a lot of work and deep intuitive feeling how to make things the right way. 

Mutajazz is the new wave of non-fresh air.
I hope we'll hear extension in the future.
This work deserves to be released on vinyl.

Stream the 1st track from this tape titled "Gabriel" :

And here's the video of  Paanin's 2011 album "Tony Guyn Pieni Kirkko" :

Be fast and catch this tape.