Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 7 - Hypnotic Grooves, Vol. 3....

colour haze - 2011-02-10 - karlsruhe (D)
Born within the years 1968 1974 some of the musicians played much in bands before, some less, some lived on making music. Contemporary Record Store Section: Stonerrock Colour Haze are a modern Psychedelic (in the words sense) Heavy Rock Three Piece, in the tradition of classic Rock-Trios as Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience or Grand Funk Railroad. Founded somewhen in the last century, the current line-up consists since May 1999. Since then some records have been made and a lot of following was gained. Originating from Muenchen, Germany, the group did a lot of shows nationwide and in Belgium, Holland and Austria...

Photo by Bart Notermans
sungrazer - 2011-02-10 - karlsruhe (D)
Sungrazer is a heavy rock three piece formed in the beginning of 2009. Their music ranges from psychedelic jams to stoner rock. Dutch music medium VPRO 3VOOR12 wrote: "After a mad and sometimes reckless journey through swamp and desert, the members of Sungrazer seem to have reached their final destination. Return to the stoner roots, so with a twist of Kyuss! Calm, rising and dragging riffs, sometimes with a psychedelic edge, alternate heavy droning choruses."


I See The Devil's Eyes.....

                                                               - The Moon Mistress -

                                                                      - Snakerider -

Heavy frequency, transmission starts....
The Moon Mistress (Russia) & Snakerider (Ukraine) would like to share their hard work on their split "Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands". Occult, ritual, heavy, stoned, and goddamn joyful for your ear to hear!
This mixture contains stoner/doom/psychedelic/sludge/blues/grooves/smoke....
So what are you waiting for?
If you live in Russia or Ukraine support these bands by coming to their gigs and buying their CDs - they need your support.

- Call of the Coven -