The Psychedelic Underground!

In 2006, cold winter, the musicians of several well-known German groups (COULOR HAZE, MANDRA GORA LIGHTSHOW SOCIETY, PSYCHEDELIC AVENGERS and some others) gathered in the warmth of the studio SWAMP ROOM RECORDS just play a bit. However, this entire jam session, among other things not entirely instrumental, turned into something incredibly attractive.


Norbert Schwefel (SCHWEFEL),
Stefan Koglek & Philipp Rasthofer (COLOURHAZE),
Willem Kucharzik & Tobias Horn (MANDRA GORA LIGHTSHOW SOCIETY),
Jeremy Thirlby aka MATMOSPHERE,
Tammo Lüers & Andy Merck (VELVETONE),
Holger Banse (LEVEL-O-MANIA),
Kalinka aka MILFORD T.,
Hanife Bastalic (SWAMP ROOM REC)
und Eva


Swamp-R00M Records

Swamp Sessions, vol.I


Spain is doomed, dooomed !

This is a great one.
the first theme sounds close to "sabbath bloody sabbath", but with spanish lyrics. andt it goes even better. One of the notable doom releases you should keep an eye on. Fuck the reviews, you'd better listen to the masterpiece
Buy some heavy spanish shit
destroy the wall with your head


Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 2. - Hypnotic Grooves, Vol. 1....

Comets On Fire – 2004-08-26 - Lobot Gallery, Oakland CA

Sound is here enriched by more structured, keyboard-driven jams, churning Blue Oyster Cult-ish chooglers and slow burners reminiscent of Harvest-era Pink Floyd.


1. jam > The Bee And The Cracking Egg
2. Whiskey River
3. Beneath The Iceage

Farflung - 2010-10-17 - Feiburg

This is a fuzzed-out, spacey freak-out…. Intense with the sounds of punk, futuristic melodies, fuzzy guitars and haunting, lingering voices, Farflung is deeply committed to providing an element of the unexpected…


01 intro tuning-->vision of infinity
02 endless drifting wreck
03 breach of eye
04 day of st anthony's fire
05 unborn planet
06 pedal
07 silver shrooms
08 the way the sky is
09 landing on cydonia

Band's MySpace

Mother-Unit - 2010-04-17 - Roadburn

35007 co-founder and guitar player, Bertus Fridael, has started a solo project called Mother-Unit. Brain-Massage will lead you to another world filled with heavy hypnotic sounds while the more mellow parts will guide you to another universe…


01. Brain-Massage
02. Fingerprint-Chemistry
03. From the Source-Into the Mind
04. Herd (35007 cover)

Band's MySpace

Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. I. - The Atomic Attack.............

From now on we'll have a special category called "Bootlegger's Creed". Igor (aka Ibo) will be supplying our blog with great deal of amazing music (all in glorious 320!) and rare videos, and I'll be posting them here.  
We'll start with a great band. Ladies & gentleman - The Atomic Bitchwax!.

Atomic Bitchwax - December 10, 2006, The Underground, Hickory, NC


01. tuning
02. Ice Pick Freek
03. tuning
04. STD
05. tuning
06. The Destroyer
07. tuning
08. Maybe I'm A Leo [Deep Purple]
09. tuning
10. So Come On
11. long break/tuning
12. Gettin' Old
13. Astronomy Domine
14. Stork Theme
15. The Monolith Problem [Core]
16. Force Field
17. banter
18. Hey Alright
19. Shit Kicker
20. Birth To The Earth

Atomic Bitchwax - 2009-04-21 - Freiburg 


01 stork -->
02 shitkicker
03 so come on
04 destroyer
05 kiss the sun
06 giant
07 revival
08 leo
09 supercomputer
10 hope you die--> ?
11 gettingold
12 wreck you
13 encore
14 pigs (ryann solo)
15 Pigs (3 Different Ones)
16 force field
The Atomic Bitchwax - 2009-04-24 - Roadburn Festival


1. tuning
2. Stork
3. Shit kicker
4. So Come On
5. The Destroyer
6. Kiss The Sun
7. Giant
8. Maybe I'm a Leo (Deep Purple)
9. Revival
10. Super Computer
11. Hope You Die
12. Gettin' Old
13. Wreck You
14. Pigs On The Wing part 1 (Pink Floyd)
15. Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Pink Floyd)
16. Force Field  

Band's MySpace



Cosmopelusa - Incendiario 2010

Cosmopelusa began in Buenos Aires in 2004 by Leandro Mousseaud and Javier Brizuela. The band accompanied by friends composed his first songs and was experiencing through different styles until finally finding a merger between the Garage, Metal, and Post Rock. With the advent of Analia Riccioli the band managed to find the exact melodies and dark dizzying rhythms of their songs.
In 2010 comes from the hand of Zonda Records label, the first LP that contains the exuberance, spontaneity and wildness characteristic of the band. Arsonist reflects how the band concentrates many influences minimalist and precise parts. Among these influences can specify: Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Down, Fu Manchu, QOTSA, STP, Mastodon, Pelican, Isis, Turbonegro, Hellacopters, Killswitch Engage, The Mars Volta.


Zonda Records.

Cosmopeluza - Incendiario .


Citadel of Evil

Pombagira unleash their 3rd and most adventurous album Baron Citadel. This redefines the concept of heaviness and takes the listener on a journey into the realms of utter occult despair. Consisting of 4 tracks, with a running time of around 70 mins, the album sets the stage of terror that will make you tremble to your very core. How a 2 piece can maintain such a barrage of psychedelic beauty while bowing at the altar of an amplifier squadron only the baron can surely know. Impressive in its grandeur, destructive in its tone, Baron Citadel signals a new dawn for all things heavy.

In glorious 320

Some instrumental music from Wales.

Thorun - Demo 2010
Instrumental stoner-doom rock from South Wales. Very nice.


Thorum - Demo.

Sweet melodies of an oil fire.

Rogue Vessel - Supra Ordani (2010)
Rogue Vessel is a self-described “2-man wailin’ crew” from the foothills of the greater Pittsburgh area. More importantly, Rogue Vessel marks the return of Satanic Bat alumni Steve Sobeck (drums/vocals) and Josh Howell (guitar). They got their name from an article on Somali Pirates. This is sturdy, impeccably built riff/drum/vocal groove that stretches up into pink skies of living, breathing psychedelia. Organic jams from two dudes who know exactly how to do it right.


Official Site.

Rogue Vessel – Supra Ordani.

Ship of Doom…

Brigantia - The Chronic Argonauts (2010)
Demo of a new Doom band from Ireland. Massive riffs, nice material. For the fans of Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Cathedral, Black Sabbath and Trouble.