Mud Walk - 2012 - "Drifters forgotten Lore" LP (Review)

Mud Walk is absolutely amazing all-female band from Stockholm, Sweden.
6 girls are playing good mix of 70's blues rock.
Re-incarnated Janis Joplin comes to mind.
Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry
& the Woodstock '69's fog broke over the mud.

Their first EP "Barefoot Band EP" was released in May 2011 
And  "Drifters forgotten Lore" is the second one. It was released just one month ago
on Swedish's Ella music.
 The album starts from that moment when you pick up the cover
and peer into aquarelle cover artwork. That's the moment when size matters.
Then the needle scratches track by track. 
Pure retro atmosphere is in the air...

If you plan to have a wedding in the 70s style
Here is the band that you should probably get for your stag-party.
 (Please, don't beat me hard for this joke, grrrls)

Thank my friend Tobias for letting me know about this band.
And big thanks goes to girls for the hot wax.

 Check one track from this EP

And One Cool live with the song from previous EP

kick some tracks below :


Booba Fest at it's best

Don't miss these buritos in Kiev

Booba fest is going to be cool grindcore/gore/noise/porn/pw event.
It's made to celebrate 3 years of Booba Records existence.

Fecalizer - goregrind - Mexico

Ripping Organs - grindcore - Mexico

Inopexia - blasting gorenoise - Russia

Penis Amputator
- pornogrind - Russia

Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium - pornogrind - Ukraine

Foible Instinct - grindcore - Ukraine

Maläd - noisecore - Ukraine

Ruined Face - powerviolence - Ukraine

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Brand new band from St. Petersburg......

Mike from THE SOULDIGGERS BAND asked me to make this post. Another Robust band to listen to.

"THE SOULDIGGERS BAND - a brand new band from St. Petersburg, Russia - 2 man's studio project with the debut Lp album 'Search For Greater Things'. TSB is: Michael Chigidin (vocals, guitars, keys) & Dmitry Kukharev (bass, drums, percussion). They're also known as members of Sex Type Thing. The album’s concept, songs & arrangements was written by Michael at Summer of 2011. Then all this stuff was then rehearsed & brought back to reality by Michael & Dmitry. And as a final result – this album was recorded & mixed by Sergey Shpul at Neva Records (St. Petersburg) & mastered by Boris Istomin at Vintage Records (Moscow) at Winter of 2012. 13 fucking great songs about love, hatred, fight against the sins, eternal values, alcohol, soul-searching & the ghosts mixed in a rattling hard/grunge/stoner/blues/southern awesome mixture. Artwork & Design by Alexander Von Wieding. 13 tracks, 54 minutes (Self-Release)."



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Yellowtooth - 2012 - Disgust (Review & exclusive streams)

First of all I'd like to mention that I've found this band from Indiana few years ago on myspace page.
And I was listening to few raw&cool tunes from time to time.
As you know myspace went on shitty upgrades then.
I was really surprised to find out that Yellowtooth have released fullength album.

This piece of plastic goes like a 40 year-old bourbon bottle. All band members are over this age.
They have been on underground heavy stage for last 20 years playing in such bands as Sea of Tranquillity, Chronic Disorder, Shades of Grey, Skullview, Nocturnal Torment, Invasion...

"Disgust" is a one breath album. It sounds geat from the beginning to the end.
The story starts with the brutalized stoner-sludge orientated song called "Wizard Dust". 
Think Monstrosity meets Six Feet Under doing bong togather with Weedeater.

"75 black Pontiac" & "On The trail of Lewis Medlock" - got the spirit of old Lynard Skynard (before crash), Beaten Back to Pure and Alabama Thunderpussy.

"Prophetic Ramblings" - reminds a little bit Crowbar.

So children don't clean your teeth before going to bed.
Yellow Fuckin' Tooth is going to tell you some dusty tales from the hot south.

By the words from the band "We haven't reinvented the wheel, but added a couple of burs and nicks on the outside !

Stream :
Wizard Dust
75 black Pontiac

Listen :
Like it or not :