Robustfest vol.III - 4th announce

 Hey Ho.

And It's time uncover 2 more Robust cards !
And you  can check the Ticket Price in the bookmark above.


Just one more announcement before we uncover the name of our final participant. His look is dreadful, but his heart is kind – please welcome Mr. Somali, the honorable president of west-Ukrainian yacht club, who owns the secrets of deadly knives and sharp edges of all kinds. How many times have you tried to impress your friends with knife tricks? How many times have you failed at it? Each time you’ve tried? If yes, then Mr. Somali is someone who you should see, if not then you have even more reasons to see the Incredible Dwarf because what he will show you will make your adrenaline spill out of your body. But you don’t have to worry, he has never harmed anyone because he loves every living being and sees no difference between them.

Those of you, who have seen the Incredible Dwarf together with the mighty hobos from the Red Fang troupe this June, will be especially surprised because Mr. Somali prepared a specially program for our Robust Show –even sharper and more precise than before.



Ladies and gentlemen we are ready to announce our final participant. Any precise and durable mechanism is always managed by a mastermind behind the curtains. No one sees him but he’s there, he holds threads to every piece of the mosaic and it is he who can control it or destroy it. Our Robust Show couldn’t happen without such mastermind whose invisible presence makes every atom of your being tremble. 

Now, please stand in AWE, because what you behold is The Machine. This incredible construction born from the genius of human mind is that background puppet master whose presence you’ve felt all along the way. First time in Eastern Europe this mind-boggling Machine will perform on the stage of our finest Robust Fest, first time in your life you will experience the unforgettable play with you mind. It’s going to be an extraordinary experience that will never leave your memory.

Please pay us a visit on the 12th of October in the Old Opera House in Kiev and share with us the amazing Robust Circus which will visit your town only once.

Peace, love and heaviness.

Stay Tuned for more Robust news !!!