Triggerfinger (Bel) - 2010 - All This Dancin' Around

Nice band from Antwerp, Belgium. This is their 3rd album. The good sounding mix of blues, desert, bright rock & heavy stoned tunes.


Welcome Home, honey !

HOME are from Innsbruck (the Heart of Tirol) in Austria, a sluge/hardcore/stoner-whatsoever-trio! Unsane, Helmet & 16 are flowing through their viens.

Their first (selftitled) EP is already sold out, but can still download it on bandcamp-site!

...and if you're more into rough live-clips

King Bong - 2010 - Alice In Stonerland

"ALICE IN STONERLAND is a totally improvised track. No riff, no chord nor rhythmic figure has been written before playing. We let the music flow and this is the result, enojy it."

Get it

Rorcal - 2010 - Heliogabalus

Monolithic sludge/Doom/Drone piece from Swizz. One track for 70 minutes. what else do you need before going to sleep well ?)

the physical format looks wonderful.
- CD presented in an A6 digifile, including an 8 pages color booklet. Limited to 500 copies. Hand-assembled and hand-numbered. Booklet inserted into a black envelope. Sealed with blood-red wax.

Peace from Swizz

Some Sludgy news

Yep we all hope to hear new Negative Reaction "Frequencies from Montauk" , that is coming on the mighty Psychedoomelic label.
Be ready for the CD and LP. (out in 05/2011)

New band from Phil Swanson (Upwards of Endtime, Seamount, , Hour of 13, Briton Rites, Vestal Claret) is called NightBitch and plays nasty, occult doom. CD on Psyche called "Sex & Magic" digipack CD (out in 03/2011) There was a tape. But I think it's totally gone now.

Leather Nun america - new album (out in 06/2011) "we are finishing a new full length album for PsycheDOOMelic for 2011. Our sound is traditional Doom or Md/DC Doom. We tend towards the metal side of the coin, and try not to venture into the stonerrock teritory."
check their new song "Anointed with blood of the snake" on myspace territory.

Let The Night Roar - Vol.2 is available here. Extended LP Verion is coming Soon on Hydro-Phonic.
Also check on Hydro : Mountain Goat/The Crowned Virgin Split.

The label is working great. the plans are following :
- Black Pyramid: Stormbringer 8" die-cut EP
- Blackwell s/t Picture Disc LP
- Let the Night Roar Vol 2. Extended Edition LP
- Sourvein s/t LP
- Eternal Elysium / Fistula Split LP

Sigiriya is the new band from the ashes of Iron Monkey & Acrimony. They've played on the last year's Amplifier Worship and Dawn of Doom. very promising and atmospheric Stoner/Doom

Sigiriya Bio:

Beneath the soil of a Welsh valley a heavy metal life-force regains strength: rising from the ashes of stoner doom merchants Acrimony, Sigiriya is born.

Eight years after the demise of Acrimony, guitarist Stu O’Hara, bassist Mead, drummer Darren Ivey and vocalist Dorian Walters have reconvened. Not wanting the limitations of reforming a project long dead to them, Sigiriya brings a fresh take on their trademark monolithic heavy groove. While Acrimony hailed from the temples of deepest space, Sigiriya come from the earthy depths, bringing hefty, tremor-inducing sonics that pay homage to the riff.

Time served in the likes of Iron Monkey, Helvis, Dukes Of Nothing, Black Eye Riot, The Nine and Yeti have only added to their thick output, giving the foursome a more dynamic, meaner, leaner, earthier approach, which has developed an intense dirty sound with elements of boogie, classic rock and even crust. Taking their name from the mystic ‘throat of the lion’ rock in Sri Lanka, their rumble has been moving the Black Mountains of their homeland and will soon be moving the tectonic plates of the earth. To borrow a phrase from their former outfit: ‘Bong On, Live Long…’

here's one song called "Death trip to Eryri" from the upcoming album "Return to Earth"
(thx to Darren)

New Sardonis Album will see the light in the end of the year. Some new themes can be heared/viewed on their facebook. Jelle's label electric-earth.be seems to be passive through the year...we all need a rest & concentration for the main things.

Australian Whitehorse rocks on Blinddate. Don't miss 'em. They're noisy.
and the new CD "PROGRESSION " is also coming too soon. Mastered by J.Plotkin.

that's mostly important things up to date that I can keep in my skull.

Fear of Trolls

Strong Doomy tunes are still coming from the north.

You can catch a cold here or here

Bored to doom

Check these Bored to doom Finland's newcoming band.

Our music is a combination of stoner rock, doom metal and grunge, and therefore we define our music as "Dungeon".

After playing several gigs at clubs and a few small underground festivals, Gniyrg Gnaarg entered the studio in November 2010 to record their first demo. "From Mother Sun", recorded in November 2010 at the MD-studio in Helsinki, consists of four songs and clocks in at just over 40 minutes. The track list is:
1. Awaiting the Sunlight (10:20)
2. Enter the Dungeon (10:02)
3. Earth Fire (10:56)
4. Big Bang (9:14)

The music of Gniyrg Gnaarg has been heavily influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath (esp. Master of Reality), Kuyss, Electric Wizard, early Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Fu Manchu, Joy Division, My Dying Bride and several 60/70s hard rock/psychedelic bands.

Gniyrg Gnaarg (Fin-Spa) - 2010 - From Mother Sun


noiserock in USSR

Courtney Love surely will lick all the pussies dry of this girl band in 1989


great shit happens ...

can't wait to post it )
Here's the great band from Samara, Russia.
the previous EP Alcoholwoman - was a good kick in my brain. great, angry lyrics.
the new three track ep goes instrumental. great shit happens ...

Check 'em
Get 'em

Dance like a Drunk Russian

Gifted and talanted trio from Nottingham, UK. Catchy\highly improvised as a hug. Jazz in your face. You'll get some fresh ideas after listening to this.

Also check their second LP/CD "It's ain't bad thing, it's a good thing"
and new split seven inch with Black Feelings is the Awesomeness itself !

buy some stuff from Gringo Records
Go Get yourself some cheap sunglasses

Some Sweet Catchy stuff for the midweek.

hope this will roch your day. personally I'm listening to this from time to time.
Whatever style you'd call 'em. jazz/bluesy catchy vibes are feeding your brain with positive frequences.

Catch the firefly
You can find some useful stuff here

(If some of you have their E.P - please lemme know)

Send me an Angel


Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 8 - The Machine

The Machine is a traditional heavy rock powertrio. With two releases available, Shadow of the Machine (CD, 2007) and Solar Corona (CD+2LP, 2009), the band is gaining (inter)national attention with their mixture of stonerrock riffing, retro psych and some occasional acid blues jams. The subsequent effort entitled "Drie" was released in December 2010 at Elektrohasch Records on both CD and 2LP. The new material lets The Machine explore and expand its territories while staying true to their psychedelic stonerrock sound...

01. Soundcheck (05:34)
02. Jam # 1 -> (31:59)
03. Jam # 2 (45:40)

01. Soundcheck/Intro by Horst (4:29)
02. Aurora (6:58)
03. X -> Pyro (8:04)
04. First unique prime (18:38)
05. Solar corona (12:18)
06. Tsiolskovky's budget (15:42)
07. Paradox (2:39)
08. Jam Y (15:57)
09. Medulla (6:13)
10. Moons of Neptune (14:02)
--- Encore ---
11. Set the controls for the heart of the sun-> Another brick jam-> Sunshine of your love jam (19:00)

Official Site


All verges of wonderful

ЕNОСН was formed in Asheville, North Carolina, USA in the spring of 2008. Comprised of current or former members of Descolada, Serpents, Trapper Keeper, Birds On The Ground, The Judas Horse, Subproject 54, and Reach For The Stars. A few line up changes solidified into the current trio of (from left to right): Neal Wilson (bass), Charles Howes (drums), and Dave Lynch (guitar, vocals). Fans of early 70's rock, doom and drones of varying degrees of distortion and pitch, delay drenched guitar solos, their goal is to write songs that can be both tight and heavy and also descend into more improvised psychedelic rock territory.(R.A.I.G.)


Another volley of Aurora!

El Hijo de la Aurora from Peru are one of the more interesting bands in the scene at the moment because of their range of influences which is everything from Zeppelin, Sabbath, Floyd to Electric Wizard and Yob। Extremely psychedelic with a obsession in the occult but with a sound that is pure authentic, trippy retro psyche rock mixed with doom. Their album "Lemuria" is a total trip of a album with everything thrown into the psychedelic melting pot including a theremin and a moog synths. Here my partner in doom, Aleks tries to get a handle on what its all about with a interview with drummer Joaquín Cuadra.