New album soon. Just make your first step into the mist.


"Born from the ashes of their old bands, these musicians helped pave ways in the Canadian stoner rock scene. Now serious about making no b.s rock and roll music the members: AL the Yeti Bones (legendary doom bands: Georgian Skull, The Mighty Nimbus, Mister Bones), John (KEEF) Chris (Salem Saints), Dave (Blood Runs Cold) and Adam (Georgian Skull) have decided to form a pure rock and roll band that dances on the edge of their stoner rock roots as well. When Gypsy Chief Goliath officially became a band, the vibe was electric. This band is going to kick your butt. Now loaded with a harmonica player full time in Brodie Stevenson, the band is hot and in the pocket. They are tight with 70's laced grooves, integrated jazz rhythms, with blistering solos, and harmonies the likes which only Thin Lizzy could provide. After being a band officially for one year, the band has already performed with some of the biggest acts in their genre, ie...Cancer Bats, Blood Ceremony, Sons of Otis, Bison BC, Barnburner, Fiftywatthead, White Cowbell Oklahoma to name a few. GCG also has a debut album being recorded in the winter currently, alongside their long anticipated DVD documentary "Its A Walk in the Mist", the band seems to be carrying themselves in the way that depicts them exactly the way they really are. RAW and the real deal. This is a group that is made up of, perseverance, power, experience, most of all drive. This could seriously be your favorite band ever."

Al "The Yeti" Bones (a.k.a Alex Petrovich) is a musician first and foremost. He has been apart of the global Stoner Rock scene since 1999. In '99 he formed Mister Bones, released 4 albums under the Montreal record label Obskure Sombre Records. Was featured in the book "Gigs From Hell", toured North America from 2000-2004. In 2004, he joined members of Sixty Watt Shaman in a new band called The Mighty Nimbus. He permanently replaced Erik Larson (Alabama Thunder Pussy) on guitar. After touring across the U.S in 2004 included was a performance at the Emissions From The Monolith Festival in Youngstown Ohio, that included the St. Vitus reuion between The Hidden Hand set, and Debris Inc. (which also featured Jimmy Bower on drums from Down.) A year later in '05 The Mighty Nimbus would travel yet again across the U.S this time in support of three legendary metal bands: Entombed, Crowbar, and Pro-Pain. This was for Philadelphia's Candleight Records U.S.A. Released two albums.

In 2006, he formed the beast that was, Georgian Skull and was signed to Italy's Scarlet Records, distributed globally through SPV Records (Motorhead) via Scarlet. Scarlet was recently inked a deal here in North America with Entertainment ONE and Georgian Skull will be officially available this year in North America to buy. 55 date tour across North America, that lead them into news across the web regarding what they were doing. Quickly the band regrouped and booked 3 months of touring across Canada. Released one official album which featured the cover art by Vince Locke (artist for Cannibal Corpse, Cephalic Carnage and the Histrory of Violence graphic novel.) A member went to rehab and the band disbanded from there.

In 2009 he formed present band Gypsy Chief Goliath. Unsigned but best outfit to date. 6 members including a harmonica player, and a new record soon to be released under a new label signing as well.

He is also a graduate from Music Industry & Arts program from London Ontario, which specializes in Audio Engineering, Production, and Music Business and Management.

Alex credits Mia Tyler with the initial idea of starting a management company together and in the initial phases helped bring Alex along quickly through networks.

Al often gets asked to feature his voice or guitar abilities on many other bands' records, some include:
Carcharadon (Italy)
Galactus (Moncton N.B)
Ball Harness (Toronto)
Sleeping Beard (Windsor)
Blood Runs Cold (Toronto)

He has also been written about in magazines such as: Decibel, Metal Maniacs, Hit Parader, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Unrestrained to name a few.



Video for ST. COVENS TAVERN (new song off the debut record!)

Space (new & updated - 4 thacks from the upcoming album are aviable to listen to...)
The Yeti Agency

You can grab their promo here

In the name of Raging Speedhorn...

Heey. There're tons of great bands highly influenced by the UK sludgecore scene. Here you will find some Raging Speedhorn worshippers, as well as post-projects of the original band. Give them a chance and they will rape your ears !))

JH played on Download Festival 2010. Hope to hear full album this year...
Jacknife Holiday (UK) - 2009 - jacknife freebie (demo) (thanx to Adam for sending the CD-r long time ago)
Jacknife Holiday (UK) - 2010 - STINKIN + DRINKIN

Metallic worshipping of Raging Speedhorn. 1-st album. Myspace says the 2-nd one is near. (I've read this shit almost a year ago...)


I've got this CD few years ago. It still rocks.


Hailing from Corby, UK and comprising of ex and current members of Raging Speedhorn, Viking Skull and Motorcity Daredevils. (thx to ridewiththedevil.blogspot.com)

Thunderhorse (UK) - 2010 - Hurricane Bastard Features

Formed from the long cold ashes of Raging Speedhorn, Dead Inside, Tribute and Hard To Swallow, comes Regimes. Debut 12” “Regimes…Bloody Regimes” out on Keep it in the Family Records / Headwrecker Records. Nine crushing traks of Dbeat / Metal /Crossover inspired Hardcore.
Still waiting for this LP...

Keep It In The Family blog

Motorcity Daredevils Including ex-members of cult metal/hardcore bands Raging Speedhorn, Viking Skull and Sex-Ray Specs, it is Justin Gleich (Guitar and Vocals), Frank Regan (Drums and Vocals) and Tom Pressley (Bass Guitar) who make this a balls out three-piece in the best Grand Funk/Budgie tradition. Influenced by 1970's British and Southern rock giants like Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd, their songs are based around hard edged head nodding riffs, given even more guts through uncomplicated arrangements.
If anyone have 'em in mp3 please lemme know )

Space (you can steam 2 albums online)
Get some tracks

And don't forget to Listen to the new tracks from :

Godsize. 16 tons
Art of Burning Water (Swarm of Nails / Superfi) Awsomeness is near!


Turbid North - 2010 - Orogeny

So Far...So Cold...So Fucking Great !!!
The 2-nd self-released album of mighty Turbid North. They arecoming from Alaska. You need to have shrewdness, lots of skills and balls. These guys have all shits listed above. Non-standard Death/Doom album.
You can listen to this CD million times. It will never sound the same. Good Jam music.

Bigcartel with nice t-shirts
Alex Rydlinski (Artist)

(the link removed by the requestof Nick of TN, so please, spent some money for this masterpiece !)

OD VRATOT NADOLU - 2011 - mercury

A Macedonian bass & drum duo making an unholy groove laden Man Is The Bastard style racket.

Limited to 500 CDs, 400 black LPs and 100 clear LPs on Superfi / Insulin Addicted Recs. / Fuck Yoga


Smash your Head off

Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms.......

That is just orthodox! These four guys from Finland (Helsinki) came up with a nice mixture of stoner, desert, marijuana, psychedelic, doom, hard rock and amp worship...

...and amp worship

...and amp worship

...and amp worship

Band's MySpace

Taste it...

Timeless Ritual......

"Formed in November 2010, Ayahuasca Dark Trip its a conformed by Buddy Van Nieuwenhoven (Bass), Brayan Buckt (Guitar- Effects) and Pedro Ivo Aráujo (Voice - Synth - Organ).
The sound is based in all the sacred rituals, with heavy sound, trying to evoke psychedelic experiences."

If monks played heavy music it would sound like Ayahuasca Dark Trip.
One of my favorite 2011 releases by far.

Band's MySpace, Facebook, Bandcamp

Ready for a trip? - Evoke....


Chickenhawk = > Hawk Eyes

We used to be called Chickenhawk, but we decided it was time for a name change. Death to Chickenhawk, long live Hawk Eyes!

buy some shit

Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 10 - Siena Root

Siena Root is a group and an experimental project with its roots in analogue old school rock music. The foundation is a trio from Stockholm that's been around since the late ‘90s. The sound is classic but yet original, founded on heavy organ, strat leads, bass riffing and big drums. It is also often enriched with bluesy soulful vocals, indian classical instruments and psychedelic vibes...
SIENA ROOT - Piano Musiktheater, Dortmund, Germany - October, 14, 2010
FULL SHOW (86:42 min):
01 - Jog
02 - Ridin' Slow
03 - The Summer Is Old
04 - Trippin'
05 - We > Words
06 - Comin' Home
07 - Waiting For The Sun
08 - Until Time Leaves Us Again



Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 9 - Zoroaster

Zoroaster - July 6, 2010 - Chicago, IllinoisSetlist:
01 soundcheck/intro > D.N.R > Ancient Ones
02 Bullwhip
03 White Dwarf
04 Old World
05 Black Hole
06 Spirit Molecule [joined by Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle on vocals]

Zoroaster (+ Black Tusk & Vulture bonus clips) - July 8, 2010 - Pittsburgh, PA

zoroaster (43:50 min, complete)
01 Intro Feedback
02 D.N.R
03 Ancient Ones
04 Bullwhip
05 White Dwarf
06 Old World
07 Black Hole
08 Spirit Molecule [joined by Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle on vocals]
09 Outro Feedback
Vulture - Oblivious to Ruin (09:24)
01 Oblivious to Ruin
Black Tusk (06:34)
01 Embrace the Madness
02 Red Eyes Black Skies

For those about to Doom...

Smashing Doom from the Doom Masters. Finally the LP.

Space says so :
"Finally out, the first album of the great WAR INJUN! War injun was the debut release of Blood & Iron, a split EP with local Doom Metal icons Dawnrider. This album was recorded a few years back and put to hiatus until now…it's the right time to spread it through all the Doom Metal community! The band is returning to activity so with the album on the streets, things will get smoother and we will be able to testify once more a great Doom Rock album, the Maryland way! Merciless and vicious tunes like the ones you listened on the split ep...pseudo-Metal trends come and go...MD Doom is real! (Includes J.D. Williams on vocals from Internal Void and Kyle from Earthride on guitar)"

Dig the Doom
(thfnx to epicdoommetal.blogspot.com)