Let The Fire Burn It All

Here's my 7inch rip of Toner Low/Abe Diddy & The Krautboys which was released 400 copies. Full hi-res artwork included.

Enjoy the ride.

White Snow, Black Ice... Сontrasts

Hielo Negro is one of the most famous groups in the Chilean rock scene.They play classic stoner with a slight touch of psychedelia. In my personal ranking of Latin American groups Hielo Negro occupied the second place, after a more severe and much more psychedelic Yajaira. The lyrics in their native language. Published in independent indie label.


The Great Psychedelic Doom from Peru!

Year: 2008
Label: Espíritus Inmundos
Origin: Peru
Quality: 320 Kbps


El Hijo de la Aurora is a Peruvian band who mixes psychedelic wellness with doomy rock, and I assure you that it's quite an experience when these Peruvian chiefs starting to beat the drums. It is the first time I review a band from Peru and mark my words this band 'sweeping the carpet' with many modern bands in the same genre

El Hijo De la Aurora - Lemuria 2008

Friday, Headache, Sludge...

Here's some good shit to start this badass blog.
After the awesome demo and split CD with Dead Existence the powerful UK trio Dopefight brings us to the higher & heavier level of sound. Minimalistic cover design including water-plants, Weed & Chineese food. Do we need anything else? Think Bongzilla/Weedeater & Eyehategod been grindered in a blender and poured with a fast-hot sauce of High on fire-thrashy parts.

Dig the Cartel! (Good t-shirt design by the way)
Kick the Goat

Southern Whiskey Storm

Genre: Sludge/Southern Metal
Origin: USA
Quality: 320 Kbps

New release - same old recepy: a perfect mix of Jack Daniel's influenced southern storm and heartbreaking ballads.

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Taste the BOOOOZE

Swedish Retroriffage Delight

Year: 2010
Label: Transubstans
Country: Sweden

I was always wandering, what is that special ingredient in swedish food or water maybe, that grows so many great bands all over the last 60 years or so.
This is their third album, it is sung in mother language, remember Abramis Brama.The sound is rich and inspired by that beloved broad stereo from 70s. I bet those guys are using tube amplification, at least their music sounds so.
Great stuff. For funs of 70s classics like Mountain, Cream, Blue Ceer etc.

Buy their music here and there

Denver's True Groovy Stoner D00M

Debut CD from U.S. TURAMBAR is a MUST for fans of WARHORSE and CATHEDRAL, really slow and heavy with a laid back groove; rougher vocals are mixed with cleaner, sometimes spoken vocals and all is encapsulated it a very dark sounding, downer production, somewhat claustrophobic feel to this platter. Great, great stuff a "must have"!
An exceptional D00M play these natives of Colorado। Lightly tighten the top tracks afloat goes into a powerful groove. The head begins to sway legs were beat out the rhythm and want to sing. I really enjoyed this group.

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Turambar (USA) - 2006 - Dhatura & 2005 - S/T 10" (in one archive)

Norwegian Smoke FuZZ-BlueZZ

The album will be released Sept 6th (Norway).
Great stoner with blues component!
Northerners are very pleased with me this release.

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Honcho (Norway) - 2010 - Battle of Wits


Higher Than Astronaut...........

Incredible instrumental jam rock!
Grab this if you like Samsara Blues Experiment, My Sleeping Karma, Earthless.
You can order it at Nasoni Records.

Band's WebSite
Band's Myspace

The Egocentrics (Romania) - 2010 - Love Fear Choices & Astronauts


Transmission Begins....

Transmission starts today...
Tune your devices on the frequency of the Robust Fellow, and you will have no need in any other source of sonic energy.