Boris 'Hope / Riot Sugar'

Someone loves this experiment, someone not.
2 great songs from 3 last Boris's albums mixed in one video. Hope appears on "New Album"
and also fom the jap-pop release "Attention Please" and the heavy part of Riot Sugar is borrowed from "Heavy Rocks pt.2"


Whispering Wild Stories

Really wonderful beast with the nice cover. French quartet Denizen delivers heavy hardcore-stoned grooves on their debut album "Whispering Wild Stories". Start playin' the first song and you'll begin headbanging, showing goat sign with your fingers to the ceiling and doing a hardcore-mosh moves at the same time. Damn. That goes really, really great. By energy It reminds me early Clutch "Impetus" or "S/T" era. Big News No. III, heh? And the sound goes deep to mid 90's and compares to all great soned Man's Ruin bands (ATP,Aunt Worm, Tree, The Action Suits or even Fuckemos)
Just the perfect mix of punk and rock that I havn't heard since the Cower "Land Before time". At the end of the Album you'll find catchy Cream cover on "Sunshine of your Love"/sounds killer.

Big stoned thanx to Collin for sending a CD.
Support the band and buy CD's on Denizen's Bandcamp page
http://jimbobisaac.wordpress.com/ (Great artist who made the cover for this album, you'll find some famous stuff there)

The band is currently looking for vinyl labels.