G.U. Medicine

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G.U. Medicine
Probably one of the best rockin' bands from the smokin' fat island called UK.
 They like Jagermeister and Jager bites back!

Nobody can't say better than GUM's facebook page :

G.U. Medicine are a tight gang of hard drinkers who also play heavy rock music at high volume for fun.

Formed way back in 2003 amidst a common love of drinking and rock music, G.U. recorded their 1st L.P in 2004 released through the excellent Undergroove label. Imaginatively titled "G.U. Medicine", the album received rave reviews in the music press both in the U.K and elsewhere. Like-minded drinkers/rockers were quick to jump on the (badly driven) bandwagon and The Medicine recorded sessions for BBC Radio 1's Rock Show and Ian Camfield's XFM show.

Veterans of the road G.U. have rocked up countless U.K and European tours with the likes of The Wildhearts, Nick Oliveri and his Mondo Generator, My Ruin, Open Hand, Viking Skull, Skid Row, Year Long Disaster, The Almighty, Left Side Brain and probably some more that they've forgotten about due to the beers. Picking up fans, broken-down vans and hangovers along the way. 

In 2006 the band released their 2nd long player, "Saints of Excess" which was again hosted by the mighty Undergroove label. Again critical acclaim followed and the band recorded two videos to accompany "A Meeting With Foul Play" (Directed by Rod Thomas) and "Saints of Excess" (Filmed on tour with The Wildhearts in April/May '07). The 'Foul Play' Video won the New Blood competition on the Scuzz music channel with an amazing 48% of the viewers vote.


The band's 3rd album, "Lords of Oblivion" was recorded throughout last year with shit hot record producer and gifted lover Jason Sanderson. Imagine an immense iron bar travelling at just under the speed of light through a vast and immeasurable slab of molten granite. Now imagine the sound that that would make. You're getting close. It's due out sometime soon on the ever-awesome Undergroove label. 

(in the memory of the past drummer Pete Williams (RIP))
(Lee M Storrar (ret.) left the band after this album)


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