The Hari Karaoke Trio of Doom - 2012 - GEALAGO

This is ain't Doom band as you can think first after reading the name. The Hari Karaoke Trio of Doom is  instrumental freejazz duo from New York. Lots of practice and good music taste that's what you can feel in every note of this fabulous disk. Really cool work just to spend your evening relaxing after hard working day.
Best listened when cleaning the snow from the footpaths in your backyard...

   The leaders of the oddly named duo, Kansas City-based percussionist D. Hitchcock and New York guitarist Sal Cataldi, first outlined their recombinant genre research on the 1998 cult smash "Escape Velocity" (Bad Egg 001), a jazz-inflected/noise & dub fueled flight for the chill out room featuring star turns by the likes of Eno/Brand X bassman Percy Jones, today also being reissued as a digital-only release.  This uncategorizable indie garnered raves from all edges of the cognoscenti universe including The Village Voice (“truly excellent… where Miles meets Midi”), Jazz Times (“an interesting potpourri of styles and spacious ambience”), Alternative Press , Aquarian Weekly (techie gorks, a free-funk direction reminiscent of Last Exit or Sonny Sharrock’s soundtrack to ‘Space Ghost’), CMJ,  Fantastic Voyage System (“marvelous head candy, an all-out trip fest”) and  Fact Sheet Five (“part jazz, dub, funk, industrial and experimental, way more exciting than 99% of the music being released these days”). The disc earned airplay and chart positions on more than 75 college and community radio stations nationwide.  With their way too tardy, years in the making follow-up, "Gealago," HKToD heads upriver for even darker sonic realms, where machines battle to gain control of human emotional content and people struggle for machine-like beauty and precision. 

   This is no Space Age Retro Lounge get up; this is The Future Now - from rub-a-dub flute-flavored Blaxsploitation funk and frenetic electro-bop improvs to tribal drum sonatas and delicato acoustic guitar madrigalry. It’s all corralled in an uninterrupted cinematic flow, in multi-sonic-grains ranging from high-rez digital Carnuba to purposefully low-fi/hi-life Fostex primitivo. The band’s efforts redefine the notions of "post rock" and the standards for judging and comprehending harmolodic-rhythmic information.  Fittingly, the Trio debuted much of “Gealago” amid the International Noise Festival at NYC's The Knitting Factory a few years back before maybe a little too leisurely committing it to the digital coil, even engaging LaMonte Young in a high-flying duel of pitched drone-n-bash.

Jazz Times on the HKToD 1-st album "Escape Velocity"2008