Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 4 - Urban Coyotes, Video, Vol. 1....

Unida - Feb.21st, 2008 - Safari Sam's, Hollywood, CA

NTSC DVDVideo: Elura 100 miniDV > Vegas 6 > TMPGEnc > MPEG2.
Audio: WM-61A > Battery box > Line in > MZ-RH10 (PCM wav) > Sonicstage > wav.
Authoring: DVD Architect 3.
Recorded by Twreck.


01. Wet Pussycat
02. Thorn
03. Stray
04. Summer
05. Vince Fontaine
06. Puppet Man
07. Human Tornado
08. Hangman's Daughter
09. MFNO
10. Black Woman


  1. First of all congratulations with the blog Stonezilla & the other guys.Nice stuff you post here.Is there a problem with parts 10 & 11 of Unida live or is it mediafire's problem?

  2. There should not be problems. Try once again. If it will not turn out, write

  3. Igor thanks for answering but the problem is still going on with these 2 links only.Part 10 & 11.Anyway maybe is mediafire's problem

  4. You can't download or unpack them?

  5. I can't download them.I download all the others except them.

  6. Igor the problem still remains.The links never work.I don't know what the f*** is going on.Anyway thanks man.You try to download them and they were ok?

  7. Igor i manage to download them.The problem solved using a orbit downloader in Internet Explorer.Strange but anyway thanks for your interest

  8. I'm not able to watch the clips. having no problems downloading them but they won;t open in ,my windows vista (windows media player) any suggestions?