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Thanks to our brother Orion Warning we can dive in this ocean of sound produced by "Black Bombaim" from Portugal. Here are some reviews:

"Black Bombaim, masters of that excessive psychedelia somebody decided to call stoner-rock (...) released their self-titled and very recomendable debut album: exempt themselves from a singer and concentrate all in a mastodonic electrical discharge. They're Black Sabbath jamming while Ozzy's chewing a bat at the bar, Comets on Fire on a loose leash in the studio where Blue Cheer recorded "Outside Inside", they're an opiate happiness in above recomendable volume (and that's how it should be)"

Mário Lopes, Ípsilon

"After releasing by Lovers & Lollypops and Sonic Infusion, the one that I very arrogantly consider the most interesting portuguese album this year (until now), Black Bombaim are one of the few bands in this rectangle that the whole world should know - young, promissing, cohesive, competent, cathartic...many words could be used to describe them, words they don't need to transmit their sismic musical vibration. From Barcelos to the cosmos - a real POWER (capital letter) trio!"

Óscar Pinho

"Turn on, tune in, drop out... Bombay in India, Black Bombaim in the desert. Jack Daniel's empty bottle on stage. This is the set.
The band everyone tries to find a lead singer. "Everyone"... are those who don't free themselves from the musical boundaries and don't understand the concept of an instrumental band. This is the band that possesses a unique vision that no one seems to understand and with the kind of music that, in Portugal, few are the ones who do it, and fewer, the ones who executed it this way. This is what makes them different: from the common bands we see so often out there.

Ilídio Marques

For those, who like Earthless and great psychedelic jams!

You can order your LP at loverslollypops@gmail.com

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