Robustfest 2016

 poster by xNinja/Max Gavronsky/Lera Gujevskaya/PhillO)))
 Robustfest is BACK!

And now it's stronger and longer than ever before - two days of music from the best stoner/psychedelic/post/prog/sludge bands out there in a row!

Our "Astro-Sloth" is ready to take you on a trip...are you ready for that giant leap for mankind?

 Line up:

5R6 (UA)




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Press Release:

progressive stoner rock

poster by xNinja / Max Gavronsky
One of the most ambitious and hyped US bands. A trio, weathered by endless touring, with charismatic creativity spreading far beyond the genres' limitations. The ones who brought you THE best stoner record of 2015, acclaimed by anyone from The Obelisk to your mom. Their only exclusive Eastern Europe show this Spring as Kyiv's Robustfest headliners. Without further ado - ladies and gents, behold the Elder!

stoner rock
poster by xNinja

No aces up our sleeves - they're all here, take them away! Genre's respected veterans just raised their stakes with signing to Napalm Records to release their third full-length in a row since 2012. Putting Dozer on hold, Tommi Holappa turned his sometimes-sideproject into a full-fledged band, a must to experience live and a headlining act for Robustfest-2016! Well, Swedish stoner rock had always been a quality mark, hadn't it?






instrumental sludge/doom

poster by xNinja

 Another robust gang with their very own take on instrumental sludge doom, this couple is about to play this far in the East for the first time ever in their history - which spans well over a decade! They sure to get a very warm and proper welcome from us, if know what we mean.


stoner/psychedelic rock

poster by Dmitryi Dimorphic
Our western neighbours have always been something to look up to musicwise, from Czerwone Gitary to polski rap. But when it comes to smokey riffs and hypnotic grooves, both UA and PL scenes are pretty consistent in terms of good bands, with couple of them standing out proudly - like Weedpecker! On their first-ever visit to Ukraine quartet is going to play their recent material, deeply inspired by 90s Seattle scene.


hypno doom

Music trends can grow big, even in rock/metal circles. Once you were into metalcore back in 2007, chances are high you were rooting for post-punk three years later, then digging shoegaze and are into stoner now. But there was this unqiue band, recognizable from the earliest demos, moving further away from genres' cliches with every new one. We're talking about Moscow-based Dekonstruktor trio, whose ritual doom (released under The Moon Mistress moniker) gradually turned into a carnival of noise rock, sludge metal and industrial atmosphere all thrown together into one melting pot. We'll let you take a sip from this very pot on Robustfest and be proud of this opportunity one shall not miss!

psychedelic sludge doom
poster by Illya Khilko
If the first thing that pops up in your head seeing "Belarus" near this band name, is some wacky, media-forced cliche about this beautiful country, you better check these guys' music first. This is the 21th century, and the borders mean nothing for the power of the riff - of which Coat surely knows a lot. Not to be confused with folky hipsters Goat, our northern neighbours are seriously nailing it when it comes to the stuff that would make Ufomammut guys pray for mercy. You may witness them doing this live at this year's Robustfest, and this is gonna be their first time in Ukraine, too!

sludge doom
poster by Ivan Tame

And yet another sludgy couple, only this time around hailing from Ukraine and having the vocal in their "Ammonite" (Robustfellow, 2015) album booklet notes. You can hardly there is one, because this beastly roar sounds nothing like you ever heard before! Or maybe you did, if you caught them opening for Weedeater last Summer in Kyiv, if you know what we mean.

5R6 (UA)
progressive alternative rock

 poster by Dmitryi Dimorphic

We got Elder riding the wave of critical acclaim from stonerheads around the globe, but we also have our very own local sensation from Kharkiv's - 5R6! Their debut full length "Islands" (Robustfellow Prods.) recieved praise not only from regular fans or fellow musicians, but even from mainsteam media, too. Preparing for European tour this Spring, the quartet's Robustfest set is said to be the only opportunity to catch them live in Kyiv, so don't miss them!





 poster by Ivan Tame
Another Kharkiv residents, only this time on more underground side. Fusing folk motifs with noisy sludge doom, this trio emerged from somewhat obscure previous projects of their frontman Kova. Recognizable image, characteristic lyrics and charismatic performances make Soom one of the least predictable bands of Ukraine's heavy scene. Confirming this, they're presenting the new material before returning to work on their second full length record.

acid jazz/stoner/kraut rock

poster by Viktor Absurd
Having this many amazing bands in Ukraine these days makes us very proud, but also makes it harder to pick all the good ones. Fortunately there are guys who stand out because of their ever-changing nature, going by the name of Atomic Simao. Hailing from Kyiv, first they wanted to play electronic music with a regular rock band line-up, but that changed quickly. With inspiration borrowed from acid jazz, ambient and kraut-rock to name a few, the band will be premiering its new material on Robustfest-2016!


 poster by Zinkovskaya Oksana

This Kyiv's trio is a supergroup of already well-experienced and respected musicians of nowadays' UA underground scene. Knowing this, there's no wonder it didn't take them long to come up with their very own material soon after the first jammings together. Releasing three EPs in 2014 (!) and playing numerous gigs and festivals in 2015, PreeTone seemed to be too inactive recently. But lucky for all of us here they are, playing this edition of Robustfest!





  poster by Zinkovskaya Oksana
Speaking of generations and waves in Ukrainian heavy/psych underground, there's a plenty of newcomers from outside of the genre. Some of them win, some of them lose, labeling themselves as "stoner" only for the sake of it. But Ternopil's Dreadnought is a positive example of a fresh vessel riding the bong waters, earning well-deserved praise for their 2015's debut EP. Come to Robustfest and see if they're this good!


southern-fried/stoner rock

Representing the third wave of Ukrainian stoner bands, The Curse Of Wendigo had to move from Donetsk to Kyiv two years ago. Add this to the revolving doors of their line-up, and now you know why they're taking this long with a second full-length. But the band is ready to bring their psychedelic grooves for Robustfest's exclusive set, and we can't help being grateful to them for that!






2 day ticket (till 22.03) - 500 UAH / 20 EUR
2 day ticket (from 23.03 till 22.04) - 600 UAH / 25 EUR
2 day ticket (23.04) - 700 UAH / 30 EUR

1 day ticket (23.04 or 24.04) at Doors - 400 UAH / 15 EUR
VIP 2 day ticket with the seat, table on the balcony (available only through the ROBUST SHOP) - 800 UAH / 35 EUR
Buy Tickets here:
1) Rider (Kyiv, Str. B.Khmelnitskogo 10 tel.: (044) 254-3883) (vk.com/riderua) - 80 physical tickets are available
2) Evergreen Space (vk.com/club45902898) Kyiv, Str.Velyka Vasylkivska 26-b (Metro Lva Tolstogo)  - 10 physical tickets are available

3) ROBUST SHOP - 14 VIP-tickets are available

4) EVENTSIDE - digital tickets

Traditionally, all holders of physical tickets
  will be able to take part in the robust lottery.

 For this participation in the drawing is necessary to:
- Buy a physical ticket
- After receiving a bracelet at the entrance keep the ticket stub with its own individual number.
- At the right time (between the performance of the bandsstay in the music hall and,
if during the number on the spine on both sides of the curtain is the same,
 get up on stage and receive a package from Robust Shop with releases and merch from the bands
 from the Fest.
See you there Fellas !

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