Hey Colossus - 2013 - Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo LP

Hey Hey Hey.
The 8th album by the 8 piece band from the UK's secret noisy society is already out.

Give me a minute. I should describe this in few "the most" words....
This is the most charming, the most industrial, the most krautrock, the most memorable shit that I haven't heard for a really long time.

And this is something completely different from the things that Hey Colossus used to do on their last few records. If you remember their "RRR" that is full of power electronics and noisy "Dominant Male", Split LP with Dethcalator - so you should know what I mean.

"Cuckoo Live..." is going to hang in my playlist for a very long time. For sure.
One hit song changing another.
It's such a rare feeling when you're listening to the whole album on one breath.

Okktave Dokkter recommends you to shut the fuck up immediately and buy this record.

Listen full album here :
LP/CD/Digital here:

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