Heavy Metal Glue – 2012 - Heavy Metal Glue (Tape)

Hail Everybody !

Heavy Metal Glue is the pretty fresh band from Tokyo, Japan.
It was formed like a year ago. 
Raw, sick and twisted psychedellic, lo-fi garage madness was caught on tape the same year.

The DIY design really kicks ass.
Leather glove that glued into horns figure works like a cassete box.
The tape is limited to 100 and runs around 35 minutes.

Sometimes it comes more into noisy jamming, sometimes it's straight high-energy rock-n-roll.
NEGISHI ( ex CHURCH OF MISERY,GATES) is the best throat cutter ever. 
And the beautiful RIA (ex MARBLE SHEEP) looks nice between that oldschool Heavy Metal Dudes.
I like such a contrast picture of what you see and what you hear from stage.
For sure this is the band that is best seeing live.
And I hope to hear high quality fullength filled with the same energy in the nearest fuure !!!

You can also find 2 tracks by  Heavy Metal Glue on the japanese compilation
 "Tokyo Flashback " 

Be fast. So you can get some glowes before winter starts here :

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