Eternal Elysium is back with the new EP after the fabulous "Within the Triad" album.
Damn, it was almost 3 years ago but feels like it was yesterday.

Highflyer is dedicated to the local Wrestler - Shinya Ishikaw. He usually figts under the name "Highflyer" in Big-Japan Pro-Wrestling Games.

Back to the record...

1-st song is called "Highflyer" and it goes like a good 90's action movie.
It sounds like a mountain of muscules. Uncompromised & powerful riffs changes with strong sax sounds.

The second theme is called "Map" and it's a cover on local psychedelic legend - Flower Travelling Band.
The lyrics are in japanese and sounds awesome.

"Circulation" - is the third one has also appeared on split CD/LP with Belgium's Sardonis.
It's heavy blues/stoner rock in your face !

 The last song is some kind of outro-jam. And even it kicks your arse !

He're some shots from the fresh tour with Sardonis :

Hopefully "Highflyer" will see the light of the wax this year with some additional bonus tracks.

And we also pray for wide European tour in 2013 !


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