Bomg @ Robustfest 2011

Better Late than never.
That was Fabulous Debut for Bomg and Robustfest as well.


Video by Bomg, co-edited by SAF (Ethereal Riffian)
Sound recorded by Max Poops (Bayroot Studio) and Mixed by Bomg

And you can download this mp3 bootleg for your pleasure. It's little bit sandy sometimes but it still great !

PS. Bomg are currently recording their 1st fullength album. I hope It will be out untill Autumn begins.
Cath 'em on 25/03 in Lviv

PSS. Hopefully more audio bootlegs from Robustfest Vol.1 will follow soon.
Stay tuned.


  1. co-edited by SAF (Ehtereal Riffian)

    not Ehtereal
    but Ethereal


  2. fixed

    this was hardly planned "epic fail" to get at least one comment ))