Beasts from the UK...

Hey Ho. The things're going pretty slow with Robustfest. But I hope it will be worth it.
So, having a free minute to post some dirty rarities from the smog island...

this video says for the whole thing about their music : dirty/industrial noiserock/sludge. I'm lovin' it.
Get album really Cheap on Function Records (£1.99 - cool price for a digi)

Pure Iron Monkey re-incarnation. All the anger, hate, speed and low shit you can find in "Crippledriver". Running less then half an hour it has enough time to eat your brains alive.

Koresh - Live at the Unicorn 25/03/11 from Donny Hopkins on Vimeo.

Get it on http://witheredhandrecords.blogspot.com/ for only 5 GBP
and try to check CRUMBLING GHOST, It's wonderful too.

First Ep from this London's Sludge/Stoner/Doom/filth outfit. Not common to the other bands in the genre.
Due to th emyspace status Widows are gonna hava a fullength album soon called "Death Valley Duchess "

http://widows.bigcartel.com/ (Great merch goes for little money)

You Should also try these Noise-rockers from Leeds, really nasty music:
http://blacklisters.bandcamp.com/ (Some free stuff guaranteed)

...and this band is produced by Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel, Nailbomb...)

Some more Doomy Stuff to come :


And the future disaster called The DEAD Resurrected

Feat: Ex and Current members of Lazarus Blackstar, Khang, End Times, Gods Of Hellfire and Bloodstream. Doom Metal for the great disappointment.


More UK tunes to come soon...


  1. A great bunch of bands!!! Been a while I haven't been impressed by British bands, lol. Thanks a lot!

  2. Awesome post! I must say I have a soft spot for Koresh, explosive band on CD and incredibly wild on stage ... \m/