Greetings to the children of heaviness !!!

I finally got some time to shot an epilogue for Robustfest vol.II

We made it once again.
Thanx everyone from the musicians who came and lit bright fire on stage.
Thanx to everyone from the Robust Crew, Organizers, Volunteers.
Thanx to the crowd of greatful listeners who came and made the fest.
Without your support, this wouldn't have happened

All the bands came in time, played great sets with the good quality of sound (on stage an in the hall) and pleasent lights / projections (especially Frogskin))).
Video Preview done by Jura Kirai (Neformat.com.ua) :


 Official Photo Set from Robust Crew member - T.Rexa

and one more Photo Set from bokeh 

that I could find through the web 
(they're in russian, but hey - use the web translator if needed)

Le Scimmie Tour Report (in Italian of course)
Le Scimmie snd Methadone Skies were on the road togather.
it was really funny to read this report with google translator. I was near peeing my pants. 
So the night in Lviv, gigs in Kiev (Robustfest), Chernigov and Kalush were at least epic.
Anyway I hope that guys had mostly good experience during the tour and they will be back some day )) 

Johny B Gut 
was the first band on the Robust Schedule list 
and they're the first band who have mixed their sound and made 
good quality bootleg. Enjoy !

The rest quality live sets from the rest bands will appear on this blog later.
I hope some good labels will be interested to release 'em on physical format...
(CD, tape or even piece of wax).

We're also planning to make a DVD with this event. 
1-2 tracks from each band + some cute bonus features.
If you have any suggestions/ideas on this topic - 
please write a comment below or write to the robust mail 
that you can find on the right side.

one thing left to say :

"We'll See you later Alligator"

Stay Tuned. We need your support !!!

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