Castravalva - 2012 - You're Not In Hell. You're in Purgatory My Friend 12'' Review

Castrovalva is a super awesome trio from Leeds, UK.
They have done one mini-album, one big, one single, and two waxy splits.
This hot cake curiously named "You're Not In Hell. You're in Purgatory My Friend" was cooked in three different ovens : cd, green vinyl and orange tape.

Fabulously epic, Instantly classic, Futuristic noise tunes....yes, you will read such a crap from the pages of some expensive modern metal magazine soon...

It's really hard-to-describe the perfect mix that makes my ears cum. But I should try.
These guys should have studied in one class with Mars Volta and Fantomas on the noiserock, 90's rapcore and dubstep departments.

Don't be a pussy. Listen to this & you don't want it to stop.

PS. I really like how the " " ends.

Steam fullblown madness here :
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