Welcome home fellas, glad to see you here again with your second album !

When I got the promo of new Bad Guys album I've gone happy and wet like a Japanese schoolgirl. Immediately I've uploaded it to my oldschool mp3 player and ran to the post-office. There was a line and I got some noisy talk with hysteric cashier.
Then It was a really big pleasure to clean the snow off my stoner-mobile.
That's how should I remember my first date with "BADGUYNAECOLOGY"

The next dates were more constructive:

Awesome cover artwork & name of the album.
Smart lyrics.
Great sence of humor.
Serious as fuck.
Freaking epic riffing with outta-space сhorus.
"You should have bought me the truck! You Fuck!" (c)

Buy. Support. Headbang. Singalong. Circle pit. Stage dive.

Watch epic video for Prostitutes below:

And stream Crime:

Damn Guys, I wish you made another video for "Crime" and please guess about making split with Killsong from Australia. 

Hope to see you, four gents from hell on a horse in Kiev this Autumn.


Robust Mass (Episode I): Bomg, Forever Wasted, Soom

Первый эпизод Robust Mass случится уже 25 апреля в Метрополе. На сцене сойдутся самые монументальные коллективы украинского дума: не сбавляющие оборотов Bomg, редко балующие выступлениями Forever Wasted и харьковские бандеросладжеры Soom, презентующие в Киеве свой полноформат "Ніч на полонині".




Истоки идеи - https://vk.com/wall-50501764_747

Цена и время - чуть позже
25 апреля в 19:00


Robust Rehearsal vol.I - "BOMG & EVERGREEN" (2014)

Robustfellow Prods. presents:

Robust Rehearsal vol.I - "*BOMG & EVERGREEN" (2014)

В Robust Rehearsal - мы будем приоткрывать занавес Украинского (и не только) андерграунда.

Концепт предельно прост: одна или несколько крепких групп, студия\репбаза на которой банда создаёт свой фирменный звук, несколько свежих песен, небольшое интервю в перерывах.

В первом выпуске: мастодонты дымной сцены - BOMG представляют, уже успевшую стать легендарной, студию EVERGREEN.

Парни играют 2 свежайших темы (на момент записи) с двумя разными барабанщиками:

1) Herbivore-Carnivore (Khola Cosmica & Bomg - Split - 2015)
2) Unreleased Track from forthcoming 2nd album (~ 2015)

Спасибо Dmity DAC за 2ю камеру, вино и прямые руки.
И нижайший поклон Vadim Sapatrylo за работу по монтажу.

Не судите строго по качеству видео и съемки. В следующий раз постараемся раздобыть несколько толковых операторов с хорошими аппаратами.



The Souldiggers Band - 2015 - Second Coming.............

It’s been nearly three years since The Souldiggers Band’s ‘Search For Greater Things’ debut album was released in 2012. Now 2015 & the same two guys from Saint-Petersburg, Russia are come back & set to self-release once again their second LP album entitled ‘Second Coming’. Whereas the part of tracks at first album & some ideas TSB’s songwriter had some years before release the new songs was written for this release specially. And they were with one goal in the head - to write really various album that would handsome from the beginning to the end for all potential listeners & rock music fans. ‘Second Coming’ is continuation partly of the first release and they’re have a similar roots undoubtedly & picks up where the debut left off but builds in every way from the quality of the song writing, playing, mixing & producing. Listen this 13 tracks and enjoy of hard/grunge/southern/blues awesome mix. Heavy riffs, powerful & mighty sound meets the great melodies, acoustic guitars & sentimental/lyrical moods. It’s all there! Keep on rock! (13 tracks, 54 minutes, Self-Release) 


Gonguri – EP (Soondoongi Records)

Слышали ли вы когда-нибудь о сладжевой корейской сцене? Нет? И я вот не знал о её существовании до недавних пор. В мои руки попала дебютная работа корейской банды Gonguri
Собственно один из участников коллектива – владелец лейбла Soondoongi, так что совсем не удивительно что ребята не стали заморачиваться и искать значок на стороне. Весьма занятный факт что свою первую работу (по сути как не крути, это демка, хоть и неплохая по звуку) они издали на кассетке, как в старые добрые 90-е, все на кассетах, хе хе. 4 трека, чуть больше чем на 20 минут, вошли в эту ипишку. 
Кассетка сделана толково с нормальной полиграфией, единственное что, не порезали пленку до нужной длины… Такс, а теперь приступим к разбору музыкальной части. Музыка Gonguri представляет собой сырой сладж с дезметалическими простелами, тягучие гитарные рифы, хрустящий бас… гроульный вокал. Конечно, ощущения пещеры и марша мамонтов не слишком ощещается, как например в Warhorse или Sea of Bones, но для дебютной работы очень даже не дурно!
Оценка: 7/10
(Review by Bilous Alexander)


Electric Funeral Cafe (Compilation)

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Robustfellow Prods./Iron Hamster recs./Aorte recs. present a compilation of robust Ukrainian bands under the name "Electric Funeral Cafe".

The idea and the name came from Andrei Batura (Imbecil Entertainment), who decided to resurrect his long-standing sub-label Iron hamster records (Mozergush "S/t" CD 2008).
Partly the compilation name throws 10 years back, when one could find a collage-cover "Goregrind Cafe" in music stores.

Robustfellow Prods. (PhillO))) got the idea right away, especially since thoughts of a similar work have been coming to Robustcrew for a long time.

We started to gather exclusive materials in caves, dungeons, steppes and mountains of Ukraine. Many bands did the impossible: recorded, mixed and mastered exclusive tracks within a short period of time especially for "Electric Funeral Cafe". Some band found outtakes, b-sides and old material never released before. Others were kind enough to share tracks from their forthcoming albums.
The compilation has also secured some place for two great bands, which probably won’t play again in the nearest future (Thank You, Iceland!, Rita Topless).

No wonder that one CD wasn’t enough to fit all the great contributions. That’s why we’ve decided to divide it into two theatrical sides: Electric & Funeral Sides.

Tracks of those bands, which we weren’t able to fit on the two CDs, will be made available as bonus tracks on bandcamp and vk later.

"Electric Funeral Cafe" showcases the situation in the Ukrainian Psychedelic/Stoner/Sludge/Kraut/Shoegaze underground as of the beginning of 2015.

22 robust bands on 2 CDs in a wonderful 6 panel digipack.
500 pressed.

Luxury Edition by Robustfellow Prods. – 33 copies (details will follow soon).

What else could you ask for?


Here comes the track list:
Electric Side :

1) Rita Topless (Kherson) - Dual One (5:57) song from 2013
2) 5R6 (Kharkiv) - Vermin (6:39) outtake from forthcoming album 2015
3) Atomic Simao (Kiev) - Polybrothers (6:54) song from the forthcoming single 2015
4) Somali Yacht Club (Lviv) - Sun's Eyes (5:21) outtake from album "Sun" 2014 (Robustfellow Prods.)
5) Pree Tone (Kiev) - I guess. You forget (5:56) From forthcoming "Simmer EP" 2015
6) Stoned Jesus (Kiev) – Here Come the Robots (3:18) From forthcoming full-length "The Harvest" 2015
7) TRAVEN' (Kiev/Chrnigov) - Барин наш (10:23) from forthcoming album "Color Blind Test" 2015
8) Thank you, Iceland! (Kiev) - Ruins (2:40) from "Demo EP" 2013
9) Wolverine Blues (Kiev) - The Gamble (B-side) (5:55) Unreleased Track 2014
10) The Crawls (Kiev) – I Can't Say (5:32) from "Reel2Reel Single" 2014
11) Indirect (Odessa) - Ether (6:00) Unreleased Track 2014
12) Был Замечен (Kharkiv) - Шифровал (11:51) from forthcoming album 2015

Total playing time: 76:34

Funeral Side :

1) Ethereal Riffian - Thugdam (Sensation) (7:37) from album "Aeonian" 2014
2) Celophys (Cherkassy) - T.B.H420 (9:00) from forthcoming album 2015
3) Heralds (Dnepropetrovsk) - Ocean Burner (5:49) from “From the Darkest of Satellites” EP 2015
4) Keepleer 18 (Chernigiv) - "Om-Karidaat" (5:18) from album "Vammifiaa" 2014
5) Hollow Sun (Odessa) - Blind Dog (Unreleased song) (5:25) from “DesertRamble” EP 2015
6) Octopus Kraft (Drogobych) - Краплини\Drops (10:22) from single "Drops" 2014
7) Pit Viper (Kiev) - Wasting Time (7:16) from forthcoming album 2015
8) BOMG (Kiev) - Into retrograde volume (15:16) exclusive single 2015
9) The Curse of Wendigo (Kharcizk) - Wildhoney (6:07) from forthcoming album 2015
10) Soom - Kamin (6:30) from album "Ніч на полонині" 2014\2015 (Robustfellow Prods./NoName)

Total playing time: 78:27

You can get this compilations through most band that're on compilation, Labels 

Order & Pre-Order  Std. & Ltd. Editions through Robust Shop soon


The Dry Mouths - 2014 - 2 Months (EP)

Howdy Ho.
We're happy to welcome this Spanish trio once again on Robust Blog.
The new EP is called "2 Months" and it's going to be released on 10 inch vinyl and CD.

This is high energy/quality alternative/grunge rock.
For those who miss 90s/00s years with the best albums of Soundgarden, Bush.

Support them on stage and buy records as well.


Robustcrews' TOP albums from 2014

Robustfellow trying to keep good traditions alive.
TOP albums of the passing year is one of them.

So please welcome the Robustcrew.
Fill in the gaps if you've missed something during the year and add your tops in the comment section.

(Ethereal Riffian, Wolverine Blues)
TOP albums from 2014 

 1) Pink Floyd - Endless River
2) YOB - Clearing the Path to Ascend
3) DVORY - Secret Gardens of Mind
4) Flying Colors - Second Nature
5) Somali Yacht Club - The Sun
6) Mastodon - Once More Round the Sun
7) Crowbar - Symmetry in Black
8) Goat - Commune
9) Crobot - Something Supernatural
10) Overcamps - Enfolder
11) Craang - To The Estimated Size Of The Universe
12) Blues Pills - Blues Pills
13) Seven Impale – City Of The Sun 
14) Wo Fat - The Conjuring
15) Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope

(Stoned Jesus, Krobak, Voida, Arlekin)
TOP albums from 2014 

Top-101) Swans - To Be Kind
2) Post War Glamour Girls - Pink Fur
3) Umor - Held Us Silent For A Moment
4) Die Nerven - Fun
5) Young Widows - Easy Pain
6) Somali Yacht Club - The Sun
7) Pallbearer - Foundations Of Burden
8) Seven Impale - City Of The Sun
9) Morbus Chron - Sweven
10) Messenger - Illusory Blues

Prog Top-5
Anubis - Hitchhiking To Byzantium
IQ - The Road of Bones
Agusa - Hogtid
Motorpsycho - Behind The Sun
Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel

Metal Top-5
Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Impure Wilhelmina - Black Honey
Without God - Circus of Freaks
Saor — Aura
Drones of North America - s/t

Rock Top-5
Get Your Gun - The Worrying Kind
Greenleaf - Trails & Passes
Truckfighters - Universe
Jeremy Irons & the Ratgang Malibus - Spirit Knife
We Insist! - s/t

Singer-songwriter Top-5
Sun Kil Moon - Benji
Morrissey - World Peace Is None of Your Business
Peter Murphy - Lion
Sivert Hoyem - Endless Love
Sharon Van Etten - Are We There

Ukrainian Top-5
Topple - A House that Jack Built
Ethereal Riffian - Aeonian
Sasha Boole - Survival Folk
Burrow - Mother
Pree Tone - Brights/Wild Highs

Indie Top-5
Esben and the Witch - A New Nature
Owen Pallett - In Conflict
Wild Beasts - Present Tense
The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There
Nothing - Guilty of Everything

(Shiva the Destructor)
TOP albums from 2014 
1) Monolord — Empress Rising
2) Gravmaskin — Volym 1
3) Watter - This World
4) Les Big Byrd — They Worshipped Cats (artwork!)
5) Mantra Machine — Nitrogen
6) Bitchcraft — Bitchcraft
7) Snakecharm - Mandala
8) Radar Men From The Moon - Strange Wave Galore
9) Somali Yacht Club - The Sun
10) Monster Magnet — Milking The Stars: a re-imagining of Last Patrol
11) Moat Hug - Real Eyes/Realize/Real Lies
12) Bungalow Bums - Lawless Days in Reservation
13) Bast - Spectres
14) Ethereal Riffian — Aeonian
15) Merkabah - Moloch
16) Domadora — TIBETAN MONK
17) Echoes of Yul - Tether
18) Yob - Clearing The Path To Ascend
19) Kyng - Burn the Serum
20) Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket - In a Dutch Haze
21) Polska Radio One - Северная Ягода
22) John Garcia - John Garcia

TOP albums/events from 2014

TOP Ukrainian albums worth to check out from 2014:

1) Ethereal Riffian - 2014 - Aeonian (CD/LP/Tape)
2) Somali Yacht Club - 2014 - Sun (CD)
3) Keepleer 18 - 2014 - Vammifiaa (digital)
4) Pree Tone - 2014 - Wild Highs tape (Swamp Meat)
5) Bluesbreaker - 2014 - Bluesbreaker (LP/Tape)
6) SOOM - Nich na polonyni (digital)
7) Braty Gadyukiny - 2014 - Made in Ukraine
8) Indirect  - 2014 - Ab Pharmacy
9) Turnaround - 2014 - Black Soul Woman LP
 10) Atomic Simao - 2014 - Nodo LP

TOP Psychedelic/Retro-Hard albums worth to check out from 2014:

1) Brain Pyramid - 2014 - Chasma Hideout (Acid Cosmonaut)
2) Syreregn - 2014 - Skabt Vaerk Bestar
3) Slow Season - 2014 - Mountains
4) Siena Root - 2014 - Pioneers
5) Craang - 2014 - To The Estimated Size Of The Universe
6) Abramis Brama - 2014 - Enkel Biljett (Transubstans)
7) Hypnos - 2014 - Hypnos
8) Wo Fat - 2014 - The Conjuring
9) Lafayette - 2014 - Tn Motor
10) Tweak Bird - 2014 - Any Ol' Way
11) The Socks - 2014 - The Socks (Small Stone)
12) Swans - 2014 - To Be Kind
13) Winter Moon - 2014 - Lucid Dreaming
14) Schizoid Lloyd (Fin) - 2014 - The Last Note in God's Magnum Opus
15) Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - 2014 - Check Em Before You Wreck Em
16) Skanska Mord - 2014 - Skanska Mord EP (Transubstans)
17) Mars Red Sky - 2014 - Stranded In Arcadia (Listenable)

TOP Heavyweight (Sludge/Doom/HC) albums worth to check out from 2014:

1) Slomatics  - 2014 - Estron
2) Space Witch  - 2014 - Space Witch
3) Fistula - 2014 - Vermin Prolificus
4) Witch Fight - 2014 - Astonishing Tales of...Witch Fight
5) Khunnt - 2014 - Brazen Bull Tape (Swamp Meat)
6) Ooze - 2014 - Ooze (Total Rust)
7) Sithter - 2014 - Evilfucker (Bad Road)
8) Coltsblood - 2014 - Into The Unfathomable Abyss (Candlelight)
9) Loinen - 2014 - Loinen (Svart)
10) Kypck - 2014 - Имена на стене

Top NOLA albums from 2014:

1) Crowbar - 2014 - Symmetry In Black
2) Down - 2014 - Down IV Part 2 EP
3) Eyehategod - 2014 - Eyehategod

TOP Southern Fried albums worth to check out from 2014:

1) OLDE - 2014 - I
2) Orange Goblin - 2014 - Back From The Abyss
3) Karma to Burn - 2014 - arch stanton
4) Foghound - Quick, Dirty & High
5) Grifter - 2014 - The Return Of The Bearded Brethren
6) Dog Moon Howl - 2014 - Dog Moon Howl
7) John Wilkes Booth - 2014 - Useless Lucy

TOP Alternative stoned stuff from 2014 :

1) Lionize - 2014 - Jetpack Soundtrack
2) Body Count - 2014 - Manslaughter
3) Downset - 2014 - One Blood

TOP Noiserock  albums worth to check out from 2014:

1) HENRY BLACKER - 2014 - Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings (Riot Season)
3) The Good Wife (UK) - 2014 - Love Songs
4) The Melvins - 2014 - Hold It In
5) Today Is The Day - 2014 - Animal Mother
6) POHL - 2014 - POHL II
7) Bulbul - 2014 - Hirn Fein Hacken
8) Drunk Dad - 2014 - Ripper Killer
9) Dyse - 2014 - Das Nation
10) Beige Eagle Boys - 2014 - You're Gonna Get Yours (Reptilian recs.)
11) Floor - 2014 - Oblation

Top Russian albums worth to check out from 2014:

1) Snakecharm - 2014 - Mandala
2) ГРУНТ - 2014 - ГРУНТ LP
3) Dekonstruktor - 2014 - Eating the Universe
4) Brom - 2014 - Nebula
5) ИЛ - 2014 - Чёрная топь
6) Ном - 2014 - Семеро смертных
7) Вася Обломов - 2014 - Многоходовочка!
8) Хуй Забей - 2014 - Баба хочет/Баба рулит


1) Electric Meadow @ Forest near Lviv, UA - July 2014
2) Roadburn @ Tilburg, NL - April 2014
3) Atomic Simao @ Picnic, Kiev, UA - August 2014
4) Robust Gig @ Otel', Kiev, UA - November 2014
5) ХЗВ & Darkh Daughters @ Gogol Fest, Kiev, UA 2014
6) KW/FW/BOMG - @ F-air Space, Kiev, UA - November 2014

TOP albums from 2014

01) Gum - But Woman Monkey
02) Eyehategod - Eyehategod
03) Keepleer 18 - Vammifiaa
04) Loinen - Loinen
05) Somali Yacht Club - The Sun
06) Electric Wizard - Time To Die
07) Methadone Skies - Eclectic Electric
08) Graves At Sea & Sourvein
09) Leather Lung — Reap What You Sow
10) Bongripper - Miserable

TOP albums from 2014
01) Lonely Kamel - Shit City
02)Wo Fat - The Conjuring
03) Greenleaf - Trails And Passes
04) Valley Of The Sun - Talons Of The Thunderhawk
05) Child - Child
06) Three Seasons - Grow
07) Kamchatka - The Search Goes On
08) Zoe - Raise The Veil
09) Le Betre - Melas
10) The Kings Of Frog Island - V

TOP albums from 2014

1) Ancient Vvisdom - Sacrificial
2) Earth - Primitive & Deadly
3) Bongripper - Miserable
4) Herder - Gods
5) Junius - Days of the fallen sun
6) Karma to Burn - Arch Stanton
7) Thou - Heathen
8) Conan - Blood Eagle
9) Nadja - Queller
10) Sunn O))) & Ulver - Terrestials


Robustfest vol.III (2013) DVD Teaser

Robustfest vol.III (2013) DVD is going to kick your arse in 2015 !!!
High quality freakshow & limited edition robust fetish stuff guaranteed!

Welcome the priests :

ROBUSTFEST @ "Old Opera House"

The Machine (Nl)
Loinen (Fin)
Belzebong (Pl)
The Brimstone Days (Swe)
Satellite Beaver (Sunnata now) (Pl)
The Grand Astoria (Rus)
Thank You Iceland (UA)
Somali Yacht Club (UA)
Keepleer 18 (UA)


Bomg (UA) playing "Polynseeds" at its entire
Turnaround (UA)
Jam with The legendary flower punk (Kamille of TGA) (Rus)
Drop Sum (UA)
Morning Glory Lounge



10 Questions to Grifter

1. Hey fellas, please imagine for a moment that you do not have any experience in playing heavy riffs as you do now. What would you advise to the younger fellas when starting a band ?

This question comes up a lot…I guess we must look really old hahahaha! I think the most important thing is to enjoy what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Play the music you want to play, the music that comes out of you and not the music you think will be popular. People can tell when a band is faking it. Never ever get into a band thinking you will make money from it…you won’t, it will cost you a lot of time and money! 

Make sure you get along with the guys in the band, there is nothing more hard work and destructive than being in a band with someone you don’t like…if things go well you could end up spending a lot of time with the guys, practically living with them for days or weeks on end so be respectful of each other. Finally make sure you have decent gear…the simple fact is bad gear will sound bad, plus if you want to share gigs with bands it’s good to have something decent you can offer them to share.

2. Do you have any hobbies in your lives besides riffs & beers ? Any regular jobs ?

Unfortunately we all work day jobs. I work in IT for an energy company, Phil works as a design engineer for a metalwork company and Foz is in construction. Outside of work and the band I think music in general is fairly consuming for all of us so we listen to a lot of music away from the band as well as spending time with our families, watching TV/Films/Reading…etc. Personally I’m a bit of a history geek so I like top visit places of historical interest…etc, but my family is less keen!!!

3. How do you access the current situation of the genre of heavy music in general, and particulary in stoner rock?

Although things are bad in the music industry there will always be heavy rock and roll as people love to play it and people love to listen to it, people just don’t want to pay for it! I have to admit for the most part I’m not too certain what’s happen in the wider heavy rock world right now as I tend to listen to a lot of older stuff from the 70’s and 80’s. Similarly when it comes to stoner rock I don’t really listen to it that much apart from a few bands. We’ve never thought of ourselves as a stoner band, just a heavy rock and roll band. We do have a healthy scene of underground bands in the UK who are doing some good things, working hard, playing some great gigs and putting out good releases…Suns Of Thunder, XII Boar, Tricorn, Stubb, Widows, Goat Leaf, Trippy Wicked, Enos, Desert Storm, Gurt, Bacchus Baracus, Gorilla, Mother Corona, Mage, Pist, Sigiriya, Ten Ton Tabby, Gonga, Druganaut, Lifer…all very cool bands who are worth checking out.

4. Who of the band members advised to choose “Grifter” as a band name ? Or was it a common decision?
We were struggling to find a name in the early days. Some of the first suggestions were Greedo, Teet and Simon’s F*ck Hammer but our drummer Foz one day suggested Grifter. The Grifter was a type of bicycle that was very popular in the UK when we were growing up in the 70’s and 80’s and Foz was a big fan of them. We liked the sound of the name and went with it. We found out later that it is also the name for a criminal who defrauds people for money…a con man so we thought that was pretty cool as well. It’s a bit different to all the bands who have Bong, Wizard, Witch or whatever in their name.

5. What inspires you when writing songs? Do you have any secrets?

Inspiration can come from anywhere…a riff, a chord progression, a rhythm…etc. We all listen to a lot of different types of music so anything can find its way in there. We are all big fans of music that has a groove and makes you want to move so there’s a lot of that in there and we also like to rock out to music that has a real high energy so some of our stuff gets pretty fast. Lyrically I tend to be inspired by all sorts of things…mostly people and the things that they do that I find amusing or ridiculous. People are such a rich source of inspiration, the human race is a very odd thing when you start to look at it in detail, at once remarkable yet utterly ludicrous! 

6. Grifter's last album is gorgeous and it's very true, some fans compares it with Clutch’s music. What can you say about that?

Thank you, I’m glad you like it. We’re flattered by the Clutch comparisons. When we started out 11 years ago they were definitely a huge influence on us and they are collectively one of our favourite bands. I think the comparison is less relevant nowadays as I think we’ve developed our own sound now. I think the fact that we draw from the blues as an influence and we like our music to have a groove will always draw us comparisons to Clutch though as we operate in the same musical territory in that respect…but that’s cool. They are definitely one of the bands we would love to play/tour with.

7. What is the best\worst gig in Grifter’s history ? Remember any weird\funny details ?

Well in 11 years of doing this band we’ve done a lot of gigs, some great, some terrible. Oddly some of the smaller gigs in tiny venues with small crowds can turn out to be some of the best gigs with some of the best atmospheres. Some of the best ones would include headlining one of the stages at the first Desertfest. We played to a packed room and everyone was having a great time. The tour we did with Orange Goblin in 2012 was also a lot of fun. 

We played Bloodstock festival last year which is a big metal festival in the summer. We played the second stage on Sunday lunchtime thinking we would have a tiny crowd but it was full and we got an amazing reaction…then we got to go and watch Slayer, Anthrax and Exodus on the main stage later on. We always enjoy playing at The Anvil in Bournemouth as well, it’s a tiny venue but with a great atmosphere. Some band ones stand out. 

We were invited to play a biker rally outdoors which we thought would be an amazing event but it turns out during the course of the day no-one seemed to be watching a single band, they stayed in the beer tent chatting to mates…we just played and collected the cash and went home. There was another gig where we were headlining but we got messed around so much and the whole thing kept getting pushed back so by the time we went on no-one was left, we did two songs and walked off. We’ve done our fair share of gigs where promoters say they’ve worked to promote a show and loads of people will be there but when you get there they haven’t even put posters up in the venue, all they’ve done is put an event on Facebook. We’re a bit more selective about gigging nowadays.

8. If you’re really fond of something for the past times (book, tv series, fests, anything…) – please recommend it or not to our readers.

Good question! I’m a big film fan and could recommend stuff to watch all day. I could recommend the obvious stuff like Star Wars, Close Encounters Of the Third Kind, Angel Heart…etc but I recently watched a French film called Blue Is the Warmest Colour from 2013 about the love affair between two teenage girls. It’s by far one of the best films I have ever seen with some incredible acting from the two lead characters. I’m a big fan of French cinema anyway and this one blew me away completely. 

9. Can you name any fresh robust bands from the UK that we should care about ?

Apart from the obvious ones like Orange Goblin and Black Spiders all the bands I mentioned above are doing some really cool things. Suns Of Thunder are a particular favourite of mine…one of those bands who when we play with them make us feel nervous! We also played with Tricorn from Portsmouth recently who are a great band in the vein of Orange Goblin meets Alice in Chains. Our label mates Stubb are also worth a look, their new album is released in November if you like riff heavy psych rock. That’s just three for starters but all the bands I listed earlier are definitely worth checking out and run the gamut from balls out stoner rock to sludge to trippy psychedelia.

10. Do you have any ideas for new album ? Your future plans...

We don’t have plans for a new album as yet. Although we recorded the current album in the summer of 2013 it took over a year to be released so at the moment we’re concentrating on promoting this but we have started to write a few riffs and have the makings of two new songs that are sounding promising. Apart from that this year has been a little quiet due to family pressures but we’re planning to work hard in 2015. For the rest of this year we play a festival here called Hard Rock Hell in a few weeks that also features Blue Oyster Cult, Michael Schenker, Diamond Head, Girlschool, Y&T, Krokus, Big Elf, Truckfighters, Blues Pills, Queensryche amongst many others which should be a lot of fun. Next year we’re booking gigs and are hoping to tour the UK and Europe with our Ripple label mates White Dynomite who feature members of Roadsaw and Antler. We may even shoot another video at some point!

 (Questions by PhillO))) & Dron)


ГРУНТ - ГРУНТ LP (Robustfellow Prod. co-release)

It's honor for Robustfellow Prod. to be a part of this first ever release on vinyl !
And we hope It's not the last.

Please welcome - ГРУНТ- s/t LP

ГРУНТ is the finest Jazzy instrumental Noiserock trio from Moscow.

ltd. to 150 copies. on 180gr.black vinyl
(Collaboration between labels: Aorte, No Bread, Sad, Robustfellow Prods., No Name)

10 special editions are made by Robustfellow Prod. They are available through Robust Shop only.
Each copy goes with individual handnumbered soil sticker, poster on tarshon aquarelle paper,
set of 5 magnets and RBF card.


Standard Edition - 150 грн. / 10 EUR
Limited Edition - 200 грн. / 15 EUR

The best way to check ГРУНТ - is to catch them live on stage one day.

Check the stuff here:
If interested - write to robustfellowship(dog)gmail(dot)com


ROBUST GIG [20.11.2014]

Ladies & Gentlemen !
Robustfellow снова в строю !
Крепкий, тёплый, психоделичный гиг в новой локации под вывеской "Отель".
Кирпичные стены, дым, видеоряд, рифы, глинтвейн и 5 крепчайших банд.

Не так часто в наши края заезжают шведы:
Rideau - играют заводную смесь, которую сложно описать несколькими словами.
Свой фирменный звук парни создают на серьёзной Fascination Street Studios (http://www.fascinationstreet.se),
клиентами которой являются Opeth, The Ocean, Orphaned Land, Witchcraft, Swallow The Sun, Grand Magus среди десятков других известных групп.
Кто-то услышит отголоски punk/hardcore сцены средины 90х, кого-то занесёт в сторону noiserock/shoegaze, ну а кто-то может приплести даже sludge. Ясно одно - Rideau - нереально крепки, энергичны и хороши живьем на сцене.
Смотрите клипы на А1, слушайте soundcloud,
вешайте свои ярлыки, если они вообще кому-то ещё нужны.

"RIDEAU is a rock n roll band. It used to be a duo but outgrew the format. It’s musical vision
was born out of another bands death. It’s Gabriel Obergs raw and soulful vocals and Carl
Magnus Palms ripping guitars. It’s heavy metal thunder and the shape of punk to come. Songs of ecstasy, emergency and death will shake your soul and ease your mind. So find yourself a
quiet place to relax…"

Также не пропустите Traven' с дебютным выступлением. Репетиции и записи этой банды окутаны неким мистицизмом. Мы ещё сами не знаем чего ожидать от старых знакомых парней.


RIDEAU (Sweden)

Heavy metal thunder and the shape of punk to come



Psychedelic Stoner Rock


Space/Shoegaze/Psychedelic vibes

TRAVEN' (Kiev/Chernigov, UA)

(feat. BOMG, Remorse, Pree Tone... members)
Psychedelic Blues Rock


ул. Нижнеюрковская, 31


Early Bird Tickets - 60 грн.

В день концерта - 80 грн.



Brain Pyramid - 2014 - Chasma Hideout (Acid Cosmonaut)

Да, друзья, в этом году Франция определённо сделала заметный шаг в стоунер-музыке. Очередным ярчайшим примером этого может служить новое творение достаточно молодой и ооочень перспективной группы Brain Pyramid - "Chasma Hideout".

Охарактеризовать двумя словами пластинку весьма трудно, так как перед нами совершенный инопланетный организм с высшим разумом. Он притягателен и загадочен, по настоящему коварен и смертоносен. Семь внеземных композиций предельно зафуззированного сложноструктурного 46-минутного стоунер-джема, космического псих-перформанса и полнейшего отрыва от реальности - вот что ждёт вас!!! Альбом состоит из 7 композиций, каждая из которых по своему уникальна и в тоже время прекрасно ложится в общую картину альбома. Обратный отсчёт начинается с Living In The Outer Space, первой порции перегрузки.

Далее - слегка прифанкованный в начале и уносящий в гиперзвуке в конце Lazy. Landing On The Piramid - кислотный трип, напряжённый и немногословный, набирающий обороты к середине и хлёстко замедляющийся для того, чтобы подготовить вас к встрече с Lucifer - 7-ми минутной потусторонней псевдобалладой, резко меняющей свой темп, пробирающей и атмосферной, напористой и мощной. 

Что можно ждать после встречи с Люцифером? Только его - Twin Headed Giant - энергичного космобоевика. И вновь в дорогу - теперь это 7-ми минутный Into The Lightspeed, безмолвный пронизанный гиперпереходами в подпростанство вашего мозга. А теперь....настала пора финальной композици, 11-минутного посещения чёрной дыры Chasma Hideout. А как мы знаем, из Чёрной дыры нет выхода обратно......Поэтому поверьте,после прослушивания альбома вы никогда уже не будете прежним. И если вы не боитесь изменить себя - не проходите мимо.
Per Aspera Ad Astra!!!!!

(Review by Dron) 


Zoe - 2014 - Raise The Veil

В далёком 1994 году в свет вышел кинофильм "Killing Zoe" режиссёра Рождера Эвери. Ну и что, спросите Вы? А то что в фильме главному герою обещали показать "Настоящий Париж". В нашем сегодняшнем обзоре мы не увидим Париж - мы услышим Настоящий французский СТОУНЕР РОК-Н-РОЛЛ!!! Итак,сегодня у нас в гостях парни из группы ZOE и их новый шедевр - альбом "Raise The Veil".

Это третий альбом и он не просто хорош, он ЧЕРТОВСКИ ХОРОШ!!! От альбома к альбому парни прибавляют оборотов, усиливают воздействие на все центры удовольствия до максимума и делают серьёзнейшую заявку в своём жанре!

Альбом состоит из 11 композиций, первую вещичку Kellar's Song вообще можно считать маленьким лиричным вступлением и неким мостиком между Вами и грядущим состоянием аффекта,в которое Вы обязательно впадёте, уж поверьте мне.

Don't Hold My Gaze - заводит с полоборота, с первых же аккордов и ты понимаешь - чары уже не снять!!!! Slam Dance Union и не позволит тебе этого сделать, композиция просто идеальна! Dusty Truck на полном ходу открывает перед тобой дверцу и зовёт - запрыгивай, дружище, помчали!!!!

Пролетя сотню-другую километров, ты слегка притормаживаешь и размазываешься под ударами Astral Projection - нокаутирующего боевика,вывереннного и убойного!!! А за ним уже летит Raise The Veil - неумолимый, быстрый и хлёсткий хит. Roller Coaster Blues - слово "блюз" в названии следующей композиции немного смущает и совсем зря. Средний темп, сочный риффаж и превосходный вокал - второй нокаут!

Но валяться на полу некогда - по пятам скачет оборотень The Wolf - пощады не будет вновь! Нужно успеть посмотреть в зеркало - не появились ли во рту клыки.....Workie Of Te Despair - жёстче и злее, запросто можно потренироваться в слэме или раскрушить что-нибудь ненужное!  
Eternal Boy - хулиган, наглый и задиристый, но в тоже время харизматичный. И наконец, завершающая Time Is Not On My Side - похвальное окончание альбома, шикарный контрольный в голову!!! После ознакомления с альбомом можно сказать с полной уверенностью - ZOE вернулись всерьёз и надолго!!!!!

(Review by Dron)



Tank86 on kickstarter

Now they're Halfway to gone to th enext robust release !
Please support the Tank !

Instrumental Sludgemetal monster TANK86 just finished up their new record OBEY. To raise funds for the vinyl, CD and shirts they started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.com. Though they are already halfway towards their goal, the band could really use some help to reach the total sum. On https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1051156365/tank86-new-record-obey you can back the project by pre-ordering the new record, or by using one of the other ‘pledges’. And while you’re there, get your face melted by listening to a brand new TANK86 track!

Support the band at
Official Web | Facebook Bandcamp | Twitter | MySpace