Loinen - 2014 - s/t LP (Review)

Yes there was s/t Loinen album around 9 years ago.
But what we're having here is just another level of violence !
8 sludgy hooks in your semi-rotten body.
While "Parasite" belched different splits, collaborations and experimental "Noisesferatum" for the past times, this piece of sickness was laying on the shelf of Svart Records for several years under the tons of dust. Maybe it was just waiting for it's time. Just like a good aged tobacco.

Without any doubt Loinen got their own style in arts, tunes, lyrics and atmosphere.
And this is pure hell.
and are one hell of hits. I wish 'em to become "radio friendly songs" for every hipster.

You'd better catch Loinen alive while you can.
Each show is unique and never repeats itself.
And yes. Robustfest was a blast

Thank you guys, you were a big part of the fest.

Please Support and grab that LP :

Dog Moon Howl - 2014 - s/t (Review)

Robustfellow wrote few words about DMH's Demo like 2 years ago in "Sent by the band" section.
And it was a pleasure to hear from Craig that new cake is already on the table.

Dog Moon Howl is a truly robust band. Three mature guys just came together to kick out the riff and fry the throat with the southern-fried choruses.

Each album starts ftom the cover artwork. And this one smells like a kickass. Literally.  
I can just assume that inner riot is the main influence for this trio.

Here's some shots for some songs :
"Tenement Porch Dog" - sounds like Sixty Watt Shaman's B-side. Great memorable hell of a hit.
"Punching Walls" - awesome tribute to Lemmy & Co.
"Blues Like a Hammer" - is raw and melodic at the same time.

Here's some info from DMH press release :

Heavy rock band Dog Moon Howl is a Glasgow, Scotland based trio
featuring Bryan Campbell (ex of Dublin's 13conditions) on bass/vocal, Ally
Tennick (ex-Soop) on drums and, on guitar/vocal, Craig Hughes
(alt.blues/roots solo artist - www.craighughes.net). The three had previously
played together in '90s alt.rock band Smotherparty.

Since forming at the tail-end of 2011, Dog Moon Howl has shared a stage
with (amongst others) Morpheus Rising, Suicide State, Headless Kross,
Constant Fear and Low Sonic Drift. Festival appearances have included
Record Store Day in Stirling and Old Town Undersound in Edinburgh. May
2012 saw the release of a demo EP, Strip-Lit Hell. The band has picked up
great reviews from websites and blogs as far afield as Ukraine and the USA,
drawing favourable comparisons with the likes of Blue Cheer, Mark Lanegan
and Clutch.

Dog Moon Howl's self-titled debut album, co-produced with Alec Pollock of
cult NWOBHM band Chasar, is released by Channel Nowhere on Monday
30th June 2014. Consisting of eight original songs, spanning the sub-two
minute Motorhead flavoured speed-rocker Punching Walls to the near nineminute
psych-rock of Your New King, the album heavily hints at the band's
influences, from Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, The Groundhogs, UFO
and Deep Purple to Soundgarden and Neil Young & Crazyhorse.

You should also check  Craig Huges' solo projects. They're full of Scotch and smoke.

Hope you'll make a tour to our land one day.


MANSION - We Shall Live CD Reissue on Nine Records (Review)

Honestly speaking - this is not the kind of music that I used to listen to in my everyday life.
But Mansion seems to be really gifted and talented band.
They're coming from Finland. And this is a reissue of 2013 EP "We shall Live".
This piece of art is solid. Starting from the photo set in the booklet, mystic-occult lyrics till the wonderful video for "Slumber Sermon".  

Shame on my lazy ass - I've missed this act on Roadburn.
Right now I'm checking the line to the venue where the Mansion is going to play next !

Here're some words from the Polish Nine Recs.
This is their second relese. So they need your support.

"Reissue of cult ep recorded in 2013, first time on cd. The box includes 16 page booklet, lyrics and many previously unpublished pictures.

Mansion hails from Finland. The band name referers to the local Christian apocalyptic “mansionite” cult, Kartanoism, which lived it’s glory days in the 1920-50’s. Kartano is the Finnish word for mansion and is the surname of cult leader Alma Kartano. Mansion is a six piece band brought together to create strong music reflecting the life of the cult’s followers.

Their music it’s a great combination of doom, psychedelic rock and cult rock right out of the 70s. Jess and Ancient Ones, Sabbath Assembly, The Devil’s Blood, Jex Thoth – you know what I mean."


Camion - 2014 - Bulls

Camion is a heavy rock'n’roll band from Lausanne, Switzerland. This is a very masculine or I'd even say alpha-male band. Meat, beers, gigs, girls, balls count for the things of major importance for the guys. You can really feel it while listening to their music - it's not only heavy, but harsh and grinding as well. 

After releasing "Balls" in 2010, the band came back with "Bulls" February 2014. Stylistically it's blues mixed with hardcore, groove metal and a little dose of stoner served in a really nasty manner. Metaphorically it fully corresponds with an image of the bull portrayed on the front cover of the album. Aggressive and ready to attack. And "Camion" attacks! Around 44 minutes of angry sonic massacre will be unleashed from your speakers once you press the play button. Think of the bands like Pantera, Bluesbreaker, Lamb of God, Clutch & Down, with a really harsh vocal and combine it with a described above image. You'll get the idea of what this band is all about.

I truly believe that these guys are having a lot of fun on stage and throughout their lives as the album sounds like something that band-members of "Camion" really liked doing. I advise to listen to "Bulls" to anyone who likes energetic, adrenaline-fueled rock or metal. Just be careful with your head-banging practice - this music may make your neck crack. 


ETHEREAL RIFFIAN - 2014 - Aeonian (CD/LP/Tape)

Shamanic brotherhood, open minded crew and just a good friends of mine have released the 2nd full-length under the name "Aeonian".

I was living in the same Universe while this album was created.
So I've caught the most steps of it's production.
During this period I have been asked around dozen of friendly questions by Stonezilla (guitar/vocal) about "how to improve the LP design?", "what do you think about 12 inch and 10 inch LP ?", "What label could you recommend ?" etc.
And it was always a pleasure to share my humble opinion on each question.

Firstly 3 songs were made and it supposed to be an EP. But when Nasoni records became interested in releasing this album on vinyl, the band decided to make a complete album.

3 Artists were working on "Aeonian" artwork :
Mila "Hopless" Kisileva & Stonezilla on main artwork for CD\LP
Yuriy xNinjax made cool illustrations for the Aeonian Book
The different artwork was made by Berbel Zijlstra specially for the limited tape release on Tartarus records (Nl).

Summary Around 30 people were involved in creation of this fabulous work.

4 songs, 42 minutes 59 seconds of pure shamanic lightening.

Turn the lights out, burn some candles, push the "play" button, open the book, 
and let your journey begin.

"Thugdam" is the newest song up to date. 
When it starts plying it's really hard to recognize Ethereal Riffian.
But when Stonezilla starts singing the things are arranging into the correct order.
Massive and dynamic energy of this song permeates your mind from the first seconds.
Thugdam is a state of meditation entered at death achieved by highly actualized persons.
In this State body remains warm and the cells of the body do not dissolve.

"March of Spititu (Rise of Sheol)" was created few years ago and even was played live on Awe Sessions. That was so powerful bundle of energy that venue passed out electricity.
 Sheol is the "swamp for spirits of the dead" in early Hebrew thought. Musically and lyrically this is the best maintenance to the theme. 

 "Wakan Tanka" - begins with the tribal beats and it's really meditative.
 Then the vibes are flowing through heavy riffage. And then spiral goes back to light pieces.
Wakan Tanka comes from Sioux Indians and it means the name for the Great Spirit of Great Mystery.
It is interpreted as sacredness that resides in everything. 

"Anatman" - I really love the "slow down" tempo changes and didgeridoo parts in this song.
It's absolutely my cup of tea : musically, lyrically, ideologically.

Anatman refers to the notion of "not-self" or the 'illusion of self' in Buddhism. Means that all things preceived by senses are not "I" or "mine", and therefore people should not cling to them. 

(artwork for the tapes)

Also I have to say few words about "The Aeonian Book".
It is debut of two brothers SAF & Stonezilla.
It touches different historical periods and united by one spiritual feeling. 
The book is easy to read and have pretty interesting plot.
The volumes are having the same titles as the songs.
There's also a small vocabulary at the end to describe some terms.
Dozen of questions on the last page are to check your attentiveness.

The book comes in 2 design versions.
- A6, Hard cover, selective varnishing, limited to 100 (English and Russian versions) avalaible through band only.
- А4 Book that complements LP version on Nasoni. Different design and it's English only.

The band have a plan to release four more albums that will be united by one story. All in all, there will be five books, six albums, and one epic story. 
You can check Interview for more details here :

Ethereal Riffian have tons of ambitious plans.
So stay tuned for pleasant surprises in nearest future.


 http://www.mulligore.com/shop/ (CDs. ltd. to 200 copies (1st press))
http://www.nasoni-records.com/  (LPs. ltd to 400 black/100 blue)
http://tartarusrecords.com/ (Tapes. ltd to 100)


HENRY BLACKER - 2014 - Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings

Strange Cousins from the Albion are welcome with their debut work.
Henry Blacker is a new band with two fellas from Hey Colossus and a brother on the drums.
 The sound and the mix is perfect for the first look.
Musically it's a very reach mix of noiserock, prog, hard-rock, post-punk.
I've also catched some doomy tunes too.
Strong rhythm section compares with charismatic vocal skills.
Don't forget about smart lyrics and album title.
The album/t-shirt cover delivers as well.

 Riot Season never fails with pleasant surprises.
Hail the soft noisy heaviness !

Get Mr. Blacker on vinyl or tape with an exclusive bonus track.

Catch these fuckers alive !


24th January, Brixton Windmill (w/ Bad Guys & Death Pedals)
8th February, Bristol (w/ Sleaford Mods)
9th February, Cardiff
28th February, Brighton
1st March Lille, France
2nd March Brussels,Belgium
4th March Paris, France
8th March, Preston
9th March British Wildlife Festival, Leeds
21st March The Black Heart, Camden. London.
Plenty more to be added.


Samsara Blues Experiment (Germany) - 2013 - Waiting for the Flood

It took me a while to put my hands on this review, but since I rarely hear an album which moves something inside, this was a thing that simply had to be done.

Samsara Blues Experiment is the band that needs no introduction. A killer debut "Long Distance Trip" continued by a less appreciated "Revelation and Mystery" and amazing live shows proved them to be one of Germany's most appreciated bands of today. Just check their performance at the Rockplast to see it for yourself.

I was very motivated about listening to the album, after the Soundcloud's preview of "Brahmin's Lament", and my anticipations weren't vain. "Waiting for the Flood" takes the best from previous albums and places it into even greater progressive rock garments than before. To tell the truth, in terms of stylistic characteristics, tags "progressive", "psychedelic" and "jam" spring first in my mind when I think of this album, leaving not so much space for the "stoner" vibe. But who says it's bad?

This four song album has a great atmosphere - Chris' voice sounds better than ever, sitar, flute, pads & psyched out effects are gently integrated here and there and musical structures keep you involved until the last second of the album. The only bad thing in this album for me, is that it's too smooth. There are no moments that fully capture your attention and make you feel one with the music.

Lyrics relate to the eastern philosophy and excellently blend with music. Name of the first song "Shringara" relates to the Sanskrit word, which means romantic love, attraction or beauty. On a deeper level this can be seen as a metaphor for the relationship between the person and the divine. "Brahmin's Lament" projects the idea of breaking through illusions and conditioning and facing one's true self beyond current incarnation, time, space or any other definite object. Go to their web-site to read the lyrics and make your own conclusions and research.

All in all, "Waiting for the Flood" is a strong heavy psych album by a great band. Support them by buying their merch and visiting their gigs - they totally nail it there. 

Connect to the band: 


Gudars Skymning - 2013 - Höj Era Glas

     Сегодня, многоуважаемые мы с Вами вновь вернёмся в Швецию, для того, чтобы вкусить ещё один запретный плод - новый, третий по счёту альбом хард-рокеров Gudars Skymning. 

     Cкажу честно, трудновато описать свои ощущения в полном объёме, особенно если учесть тот факт, что ШВЕДСКИЙ язык я так пока и не выучил....Однако, это один из ЛУЧШИХ альбомов уходящего года, поверьте - завораживающее звучание смеси классического харда образца прошлого века, блюзовых вкраплений и харизматичного вокала с первых же аккордов проникает в мозг и перенастраивает его центры удовольствия. 

     Альбом состоящий из 10 композиций слушается на одном дыхании и практически не имеет проходных вещей. А уж какие здесь встречаются медленные вещицы, воздадим же хвалу Одину!!!! Писать более не вижу смысла, друзья - приобретайте, приобщайтесь и проникайтесь этим чудом от суровых и величавых викингов!!!!!

(Review by Dron) 

Biography :
Gudars Skymning is a band from the Laplandic woods and mountains in the far north of Sweden. The band get their inspiration from the heavy rock of the sixties and seventies, blues, the traditional Swedish folk music, and the Swedish prog that was big in the seventies. The band thrives on live performance, and even in the studio record the bulk of their albums live!

Gudars Skymning started out in 2006 and recorded their first self titled demo the same year. The band then consisted of Kenny Oswald Dufvenberg, Dennis Sjödin, Tony Östman (Aeon), och Anders Nord. In December the same year a second guitarist, Knut Hassel (Destiny, 7th Planet), was recruited.

2008 saw the band’s debut album “Dansa tillbaks till din grav” (Dance back to your grave) released. The guys didn’t have a record contract at the time, but things would soon change. In 2010 the Italian record label Black Widow / Bloodrock Records released the album “Mörka Vatten” (Dark Waters) on CD and vinyl.

In early December 2012 Gudars Skymning went down to Stockholm to record their third album, this time as a trio consisting of Kenny, Knut and Anders, with Kenny doing triple duties as vocalist, guitarist, and bass player.

In November 2013 Transubstans Records will release the new Gudars Skymning album “Höj Era Glas” (Raise Your Glass).

Gudars Skymning 2013 is: Kenny Oswald Dufvenberg (guitar, vocals), Knut Hassel (guitar), Magnus Hasselstam (bass), and Dennis Ozzian Sjödin (drums).


Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 30: Corrections House - 2014-01-03 - Portland, Oregon, USA

Experimental supergroup featuring members of Neurosis, Eyehategod, Minsk and Yakuza.

Mike IX Williams (vocals, synth)
Scott Kelly (guitar, vocals)
Bruce Lamont (brass, vocals)
Sanford Parker (percussion)

Source Info: Recorder: Zoom Q3HD
Audio Settings: 24-bit, 48 kHz stereo PCM lossless
Storage Media: Kingston 32 GB ultimateX 100X SDHC
Batteries: Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA (two)
Recorded By: Meddle Earth
Transfer: SDHC (.wav file) > SDHC reader > HDD
Audacity (.wav) > CD Wave (splits) > dBpoweramp (.wav > .flac, tags)

01 Drapes Hung By Jesus
02 Party Leg And Three Fingers
03 interlude
04 Bullets And Graves
05 Dirt Poor And Mentally Ill
06 Hallows Of The Stream
07 Last City Zero (Cancer As A Social Activity)
08 Serve Or Survive
09 Hoax The System





Robust Top 2013

We wish you to have a Robust 2014 !

Here's the top of the most memorable releases from the Robustcrew.


(Ethereal Riffian, Wolverine Blues)
1. Naam - Vow
2. Clutch - Earth Rocker
3. Steve Hunter - Manhattan Blues Project
4. Killer Moon - Tunnel Vision
5. Monkey3 - The 5th Sun
6. Left Lane Cruiser - Rock Them Back To Hell
7. Weedpecker - Weedpecker
8. Estas Tonne - Internal Flight
9. Sasquatch - IV
10. Bluesbreaker - Arcanum
11. Samsara Blues Experiment - Waiting for the Flood
12. Causa Sui - Euporie Tide
13. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Mind Control
14. The Grand Astoria - Punkadelica Supreme
15. Palm Desert - Rotten Village Sessions


 (Shiva the Destructor)

10. Mountain Witch - Cold River
Very atmospheric album here. Every track is blasting you deeper and deeper to the times when Sabbath ruled the world. If you are into such stuff – go listen to this one. 

9. Monster Truck – Furiosity
The groove is strong with this one. Listen to this and start instantly imagine yourself driving that ye olde Caddy with some serious booze in the trunk. Yep, this is what this album is for.

8. Dozer – Vultures
It just rocks. I don’t know why – is just does, end of story. If you missed this album – go get it and you’ll see what I mean.

7. The Machine &S ungrazer Split
Double dose of rough fuzz and groove – that is what you get here. Hold on to something steady while you listen to this.

6. Vista Chino – Peace
It all started with Kyuss for me, so I can’t leave this one behind my 2013 Top -10. Yes, this is not that Kyuss anymore and the album is not as good as for example Welcome to Sky Valley, but anyway – I enjoyed it.

5. YuriGagarin — YuriGagarin
This one was a huge surprise for me. And I love good surprises. Hit that play button, dissolve yourself into atoms and start that space saga of your own.

4. Monkey3 - The 50th Sun
I’ve always enjoyed this band. Now I love ‘em. Wickedly cosmic experience guaranteed. And some serious grooves also.

3. Monster Magnet – Last Patrol
There are bands that can surprise you in a good way. And there are bands that simply deliver what you
expect. This is the case. MM just nailed it and it is awesome. 

2. CausaSui - EuporieTide
Previous album just didn’t get me. But this one surely did! The masters of summer came here again with all those slow red sunsets, lovely summer breeze and the sound of waves rolling endlessly.

1. Earthless - FromTheAges

 Bilous Sanya




1. Bomg - Polynseeds
2. Sea Of Bones - The Earth Wants Us Dead
3. The Disease Concept - Your Destroyer
4. Lizzard Wizzard - Lizzard Wizzard
5. Church Of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum

Iron Dima



10. Jesu - Every Day I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came
9. Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside
8. Monolithe - IV
7. Cult of Luna - Vertikal
6. Clagg - Gather Your Beasts
5. Cough / Windhand - Reflection of the Negative
4. Windhand - Soma
3. Mouth of the Architect - Dawning
2. Ancient Vvisdom - Deathlike
1. Pyramido - Saga




Absolute fresh mix of swing, rock, avant and spoken word sketches.
No comments, fellas. This is Melvins in it's solid form.
3. HighKicks - 2013 - HighKicks
Best garage album I've heard in years.
4. Arabs in Aspic - 2013 - Pictures in a dream
Perfect prog/stoner rock from Norway. This album is timeless.
5. Dirty Streets - 2013 - Blades of Grass
They got the sound and the style. DS keeps that garage spark since "Portrait of a Man"
6. Magnolia - 2013 - Tank Sjalv (Transubstans)
Probably the best album with swedish lyrics.
7. Old Man's Will - 2013 - Old Man's Will (Transubstans)
Really catchy stuff outta here.
8. Arabrot - 2013 - Arabrot
Industrial/Dark noiserock from Norway at its best.
9. LLEROY  - 2013 - Soma
Great Italian noiserock. It really kicks ass.
10. Hey Colossus - 2013 - Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo
The 8th and the best album in discography by the 8 piece band from the UK's secret noisy society.
11. Bad Guys - 2013 - Bad Guys (Riot Season)
Four men out of hell on a horse !
12. Black Sabbath - 2013 - 13
Thank you, Grandfathers for this re-union !
13. Bomg - 2013 - Polynseeds / 11PARANOIAS - 2013 - Superunnatural - EP (Ritual Prods.)
Two bands on one step. They've configured and recorded the rehearsal room. The sound is fantastic.
14. Monolith Cult  - 2013 - Run From the Light (Future Noise)
Doom album of the year.
15. Antigama - 2013 - Meteor
Blasting grindcore from Poland. Reminds Brutal Truth stuff at their mid. era.
16. Malignant Tumour - 2013 - Overdose & Overdrive
Motor Crust from Czech Republic. They're simply the best in the genre. 
17. Boredom - 2013 - Uber Alles!
Robust Crustcore from Austria. Slays.
18. Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - 2013 - White People And The Damage Don
Best Punx/showman still doing it well.
19. Distress - 2013 - Life- Death....Rebirth
Finest Russian D-Beat atack. Great sound on this record.
20. Wolverine Blues - 2013 - Convict
Robust Stoner/Metal band from Kiev. Looking forward for new stuff to come.
21. Clutch - 2013 - Earth Rocker
It's like reading new book from your favourite writer or watching a film by your fave director. There's nothing new under the sun, but you still  eating all the details like a child. It applies to all: sound, music, massive merch section.
22. Corrections House - 2013 - Last City Zero
Industrial/noise/spoken word from the famous guys. It's gonna be interesting to ctch 'em on stge.
23. The Disease Concept - 2013 - Your Destroyer
Allstar bastard crew with the ugliest album for sure.
24. The Brimstone Days - 2013 - The Healer (Transubstans)
More bluesy, but not less danceable than the previous albums. This album and 7 weeks-long tour were born as a result of invitation to Robustfet. And the very performance was excellent. We should invite Brimstone crew for more.
25. Mother Mars - 2013 - Steam Machine Museum
Heavy Psychedelic Stoned Jams from Australia.


Bands that are worth to be mentioned at the end of 2013

CortisoL - 2013 - The Feminist + Fleischkraft

 Truly sick sludge from the Canadian border.
Lovely art-wok, Charming vocal parts, thrashy sounds, What else do you need ?

 "the magnificent new CortisoL CD release in a wonderful gatefold eco-wallet. This CD contains the band's latest recording: the larger than death mini album The Feminist; plus the shamefully unreleased 2007 classic album Fleischkraft - for a total of 21 hits of the best sludgethrashpunkmetaldoom manufacture since the Mayan failure."


GOYA - 2013 - 777

Great album after great Demo.
Nice artwork.
Heavy Stoner/Doom from Phoenix.

Dog Attack- 2013 - Dog Attack 


 Hungarian Crustcore attack.

 THE DISEASE CONCEPT - 2013 - Your Destroyer

 Fullblown sickness from allstar fuckers.

FLESHPRESS - 2013 - Tearing Skyholes

A sudden surprise at the end of the year.
It's always a pleasure to find a new release on Kult of Nihilow Recs.

Slow, long, atmospheric songs. From minimalistic ambient to solid sludge monolith.
This essay slays. It's hard to take in one listening. It requires more and more rounds to go deeper inside the concept.

This is CD/LP release. And you can dl it for free on bandcamp.

JohnXMcClane - 2013 - EP

Perfect name for the band.
fast kickass pw tunes from UK.

Burden Of The Noose - 2013 - The Forgotten Plague 


 Here's the UK sludgecore that I really love.
Old fellas from cool band are playing there.

 "Burden of the noose formed in feb 2012 from the ashes of local bands, godsize, mistress, I am collossus and out for blood."

Burden Of The Noose - 2013 - Kill The Bastards

 Six Months Of Sun - 2013 - And Water Flows

 K2B prayers from Swizz.


Burning Full Throttle - 2013 - No Man's Land

Robust southern-fried surprise from Hungary.

Celophys - 2013 - Phobos Elevator (LP)

Sludge/Death Duo from Cherkassy, UA
 Proud of you guys,
LP is out on Emetic Recs.

Pressor / Diazepam / Soom - Split

Soom is a new band from Ukraine (-ex FUMANTIA MAURIS)

Uroboros - 2013 - Misantropía & Blasfemia

Black album from Argentina

Uroboros - 2013 -Herejía & Exilio

White album from Argentina