Top Releases 2016 by Robustcrew

Fellas & Fellitas !

Here's the traditional column which contains TOP records of the year by Robustcrew members.
No limits in genres and numbers of releases.
Just some good stuff to check, share & support it like something.



2. Naxatras “II”

3. Causa Sui “Return to Sky”

4. Mos Generator “Abyssinia”

 5. Ethereal Riffian “I AM. Deathless” EP

8. Brunt “Blackbeard” EP

10. Lee Van Cleef "Holy Smoke"



[Robustcrew, Good Guys Go Grind (blog)]

1. Bloody Phoenix / Lycanthrophy / Skunk / Disturbance Project Split LP

3. The Poisoned Glass “10 Swords”
4. Forever Wasted “s/t”
6. Nashgul “Carcava”
7. Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth [Split 10”]
9. Disrotted “Divination”
12. Meth Drinker / Dead Instrument [Split 7”]
13. Convulsions “s/t”
15. Chepang “Lathi Charge”

[Robustcrew, Soom, HΛUΛ]


1. Brain Tentacles “s/t“
[Лучший релиз от джазкора/джазметала. Глоток свежего воздуха в безнадежном зорнировании и нарколепсии.]
[Лучший метал-релиз года. Прямо и в ебло, как я люблю. А The Kovalev, естественно, — мой гимн, хочу стать таким же молодцом.]

Nödutgång:Självmord Mourning Poems
[Лучший хипстер-метал релиз года. Сопли сквозь дилей, вопли сквозь зефир, все как надо, но, при этом, сладко и в ебло.]

4. Remote “The Gift”
[Сладж-релиз года. Мазер Раша хоть и не самая любимая моя страна, но в ней живут прекрасный маргиналы, которые прекрасно творят и передают атмосферу маргинального быта Оймякона и МР, собственно говоря.]

5. Yawning Man “Historical Graffiti”
[Стонер должен быть только таким или не быть вовсе. Лучший релиз группы, наверное, вообще и релиз десятилетия - точно.]

6. Ансамбль им. Вилли Токарева “Анестезия”
[Панк-релиз года. Сказать нечего, самое охрененное и прекрасное своей бессмысленностью долбилово-колотилово, которое я мог услышать в 2к16-м]

7. В
ѢНА В землю”
[Нойз-релиз года, открытие года, хорошие парни года. Импровизационно-сумасшедшее валево от двух питерчан. Кстати, грядет кое-что с кое-кем, что может стать релизом года 2к17-го.]

8. VA “Кислые мины” Compilation

[Без обид, но это сборник года. Такого сборника отборных ублюдков я не видел никогда и не мог нарадоваться, когда получил диск лично от Мити из Дкнстрктр. Спасибо, жду еще!


1. Eternal Elysium “Resonance Of Shadows”
3. Dunsmuir “Dunsmuir”
7. Year of the Cobra “...In TheShadows Below
8. Slow Gren Thing “II”
9. Causa Sui “Return to Sky”
10. Ethereal Riffian “I AM. Deathless” EP


[Robustcrew, Zombie Eat Your Neighbours (band), one of the authors of literary "union" Publykator ", founder of Ukrainian organic herbal tea «Tea DIY»]
1. Forever Wasted “s/t”

3. Violent Magic Orchestra “Catastrophic Anonymous”

4. Darkthrone “Arctic Thunder”

5. SEX PRISONER “Tannhauser Gate”
1. -(16)- “Lifespan of a moth” (Relapse)
2. Netherlands “Audubon” (Prosthetic Records)
3. Dödläge “Ritual Slaughter” (Profane Existence Recs.)
4. Melvins “War Pussy” EP (Amphetamine Reptile)
5. Eternal Elysium “Resonance Of Shadows” (Cornucopia Recs.)
6. ITHAQUA & BØG Split
7. The Poisoned Glass “10 Swords” (Ritual Prods.)
8. Rot “Nowhere” (Selfmadegod)
9. Magnolia “Pa Djupt Vatten” (Transubstans)
10. Slabdragger “Rise of the Dawncrusher” (Holy Roar Records)
11. Church of Misery “And Then There Were None...” (Rise Above)
12. Greenleaf “Rise Above The Meadow” (Napalm Records)
13. Venomous Concept “Kick Me Silly - VC III” (Season of Mist)
14. Filthy Rich Preacher “Vol.1” (self-released, digital)
15. Hag “Fear of Man” (self-released)
16. Mars Red Sky “Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul)”  (Listenable)
17. Octopus Kraft Крізь тисячі лісів (self-released)
18. Sithter “Chaotic Fiend” (Bonten Records)
19. Greenmachine “For The Night And Blood” EP (Daymare Recordings)
20. Legends of Motorsport “Survival of the Fittest” (Cobra Snake Necktie Records)
21. Fatso Jetson “Idle Hands” (Heavy Psych Sounds)
21. Superjoint “Caught Up in the Gears of Application” (Housecore Records)
22. Scissorfight “Chaos County” EP (Salt of the Earth Records)
[Robustcrew, Ethereal Riffian (band)]
1. Utsav Lal “Fluid Piano”
2. David Darling “Gratitude”
3. Anoushka Shankar “Land of Gold”
4. The Legendary Flower Punk “Zen Variations”
5. Ivan Ioanov “Melodies Of Nature”

Welcome to 2017


Sardonis Interview (June 2016)


Hi guys! How's it going? How was your flight back home from Kiev? How did it go?

Hi there! The flight was smooth and easy. Our heads were still dazzling from the great Robust fest and we talked about the great experience in the capital of Ukraine.

All right, let's get down to business, when you were going to Kiev to do the show what were you expecting to see?

Well, I know Phill for several years and I follow Robust productions online so I knew he was taking it all very serious, but the whole weekend was beyond our expectations. We expected to have a ‘punky’ organized fest, but instead we played in a beautiful venue with a great sounding PA and people going crazy.

What can you tell us about the RobustFest? We could use some constructive feedback ??

Honestly, if we would be normally welcomed like we were welcomed in Kiev, then we would tour our ass off  It was all organized on an extreme high level and we, as a foreign band, felt very honored. We love Kiev! Ukraine has some extremely talented bands and the fans are very loyal. Nothing but positive vibes going on there! Respect!

Not so long ago, you released your third album. Have you received any feedback yet? How many copies have been sold so far? What does the record label think about all this?

We released “III” on September 11th 2015 via Belgian label Consouling Sounds. They’ve done a great job and we could not be more happy to work with them. Reactions to the album are great. It’s not the some high anticipation when we released “II” in 2012, but we were having a great year then when we toured Japan and Europe with Saint Vitus and Acid King. Nonetheless, reactions to our new album are great and we’re both extremely happy with the album and consider it to be our personal artistic highlight.

As I understand it, your regular jobs won't let you tour as often as you might want to, am I right? Since you did all the shows from your last tour on weekends only...

Yes, we both have dayjobs and other bands too so we have to be very picky when and where we play. We enjoy the weekend shows a lot and prefer those above touring for a week or longer. Also, when we do weekends it’s always fresh and it doesn’t get boring.

Guys, I know you are quite active when it comes to music. Are there any other projects besides Sardonis?

Roel also handles the axe in Hedonist. They recently released their debut full album titled ‘The Collapse’. Besides Hedonist, he also plays guitar in Solenoid and Barabbas. That makes 4 (indeed four  bands.
Besides SardoniS, I also play drums in Bathsheba. We’re currently recording our debut full album which will be released later this year via Finnish label Svart Records.
Check bandcamp, facebook, youtube, iTunes,… for those bands.

We'd like to hear what you think about the physical releases. Do you think they are necessary?

Yes, they are. People in this genre still buy music on cd and expecially on vinyl. If we sell music, we have a certain cash flow to print merch and do tours and shows with a financial risk. Offcourse merch and especially shirts are the biggest income for a band, but cd’s and vinyl are important too.
And you know, people like to have a physical copy of a band after they enjoyed their show. People in this type of music still support the bands and the connection between band and fan is closer than in any other genre.

Tell us about the most challenging show your band has experienced. What happened? What did you do to overcome the challenges?

When we toured Europe in 2010 we played in a Geman venue near the Tjech border. The day after we had to play in Ostend, Belgium. We drove + 1100 km overnight in the nightliner and only arrived 5 minutes before the start of our set. Thanks to the whole crew in the nightliner (18 people) we managed to set up and start in less then 5 minutes. We were so pumped up then we played too fast and our set ended too early

Does the Sardonis have its favorite drink?

As good Belgians we enjoy a fresh pint of beer


Almost forgot! You've recently celebrated 10 years of Sardonis! It's a great anniversary! Congrats to you!

Any other comments or stories you would like to add? Any plans to visit Robust Fest again? We’d love to have you back! ??

For now, we take it quite easy. We have 1 show lined up this summer and we don’t plan on doing a lot more this year since the focus is now on 2 of our other bands with which we’re releasing new music this year.
Coming back to Robustfest would be an absolute thrill. We really enjoyed every minute of the festival and we hope to come back one day. Good luck with Robustfellow, the fest and all other thing you do in life. We would like to greet the people we met in Kiev. Thank you again and stay heavy! LOVE, SPACE & HEAVINESS!
Interview by Alexander Bilous
Photos by Iaroslav "Necromandus" Prokopchuk
Video by Kirai Gigs


Robust Stage @ Gogolfest 2015 (video report)

Almost a year has passed after that event.
It wan't an easy task to find raw video materials, get them from the TV-channel-caves & cut them.
Big thanx to Aleksandr Popenko for making this videos possible !
All videos by Aleksandr Popenko & 1tv Ukraine

Restock (CH)



The Grand Astoria (SpB, RU)

Consider these two videos as a teaser to TGA "The Mighty Few" ltd.ed. CD+DVD (with full set, including "Curse of the Ninth" played live !!!) by Robustfellow Prods. in the future.




The Dues (CH)



Robust Stage @ Gogolfest 2015 (video report)

Almost a year gone after the event.
It wan't an easy task to find raw video materials, get them from the TV-channel-caves & cut them.
Big thanx to Aleksandr Popenko for making this videos possible !
Videos by Aleksandr Popenko & 1tv Ukraine

Restock (CH)



The Grand Astoria (SpB, RU)

Consider these two videos as a teaser to TGA "The Mighty Few" ltd.ed. CD+DVD (with full set, including "Curse of the Ningth" played live !!!) by Robustfellow Prods. in the future.




The Dues (CH)




Eternal Elysium - 2016 - Resonance of Shadows CD (Review)

The more you wait the more tasty it comes !
Every single time.
Few years ago Robustfellow has made reviews for split with Sardonis and "Highflyer" EP.
Now it's really big pleasure and honor to listen to "Resonance of Shadows" on CD
It comes in a cool Japanese eco pack with the lyrics sheet (Jap/Eng).
The more you play it the deeper it comes. Every single time.
The most creepy & doomy riffs are on this record.
The most retro-hard tunes are on this record.
The most epic and psychedelic vibes permeate this record.
"Resonance of Shadows" consists of: most songs with mixed lyrics (Japanese vs. English), one instrumental, one doomy apocalyptic cover and one completely Japanese song.
This CD will reach my TOP 2016 for sure.
And I'll be waiting for a vinyl version with bonus track on Headspin Recs.
(as usual for the few records from the past)


(2016 Cornucopia Records-JP)
track listing:
1. Ingah
2. The Breeze Says Go
3. Hiroshima
4. Cosmic Frequency
5. Views On C#
6. Unbound
7. The Ancient Soul
8. Sekibaku

6th album.
Featuring EE’s cover of the classic Flower Travellin’ Band tune, “Hiroshima”.
Double LP will be released later in 2016 by Headspin Records-NL.
Track 5 is a re-recording, track has previously appeared on "Mysterious Views In Stone Garden" vinyl.
Track 6 is a re-recording, track has previously appeared on "Ascending Circulation" split EP.


Greenmachine - 2016 - For The Night And Blood EP (Review)

The fabulous comeback of mighty GREENMACHINE !
Four smashing songs in 20 minutes.
High-octane, badass crust/sludge at it's best !
It's well played. It has great sound and huge live energy.
Someone can call it Motor-esque/Discharge-like or EHG-spirit.
I have few words for such critics: "F*ck you - it's Greenmachine !"
More tactfully will assume that the guys were into local cult japcore bands like: G.I.S.M., Lip Cream, Disclose, Vivisick and maybe some old hard rock oldies as Bow Wow and Black Sabbath (for sure) 
Greenmachine has being on hiatus twice. The last one lasts for more than 10 years.
Few years ago the band uploaded on their facebook page dozen of fresh rehearsal videos.
Some time later "For The Night And Blood" EP was born.
Looking forward to hear the full album in the nearest future and catch 'em on stage.
Greenmachine are from Kanazawa, Japan. 
Founded in 1995, named themselves after the "Green Machine" song, second track on 'Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun' album.                    
Released three smashing albums "D.A.M.N." (1998), "The Earth Beater" (1999) on legendary Man's Ruin label (US) and "The Archives of Rotten Blues" (2004). All three have been reissued on CDs at Diwphalanx Records. The diehard fans should also have the "Wizard's Convention" DVD with such mammoths from the land of the rising sun: Church of Misery, Eternal Elysium, Boris, Greenmachine


Greenmachine have released tons of new tasty merch including caps, t-shirts etc. 
Feel free to support the band an label(s).