Fistula - 2012 - Nothern Agression Review

This review was written by Den.

My first acquaintance with the “Northern Aggression” happened when we decided to venture forth to the Chernobyl Alienation Containment Area. And Fistula’s opus became a good accomplice to this suicide trip. The first track, “The Spider” was perfectly accompanying the roaring engine of my old Junker as I bottomed the accelerator driving forth to the northern lands long liberated from the burden of the modern society.  As Idrove, the ferociously brutal   and overwhelmingly sick sludge-crust tunes were blowing from the speakers making me totally immerse in the impenetrable wall of sound that the first track delivered. 

Next one, “The Fang” is a good follow –up to the opener.  Initially the song starts from ferociously heavy sludge. It got me almost floored when I got out of my Junker and stepped upon the radioactive soil. The tunes are so badass-heavy and catchy that the first spin left my craving for heaviness completely unfulfilled. I spinned it over and over again until the blood started to sip from my ears. Grab this piece if you are suffering from excessive alcohol abuse.  It will not take long until you puke the shit out of your belly.

With next track, “Black Sunday”, the band starts to pick the pace again.  Utilizing catchy and sharp hardcore-crust and rarely entering sludge territory this piece of filth would be a good choice if you feel like it’s just about time to shake old bones.  Next one, “Harmful Situation”   uses the same formula extending upon the crust-fest of the previous one. However, it quickly evolves into merciless downbeat bad-assary making you fight for your life from the giant mammoth threatening to trample you to death. Having escaped the pre-historic menace, don’t expect to get a respite as the next monster “Kanker Nose” will stop at nothing but annihilate your fucking eardrums with the lethal dose of ferociouslyheavy sludge hatred.  It is the longest track on the album so get ready to take a challenge.  It gets slower and slower towards the end, spawning a huge herd of   previously mentioned mammoths and only those who have a good record of Fistula –worshipping will survive.  The last track is akin to the first one, it even bears the same moniker. It is a good heavy crust attack  allowing the survivors of the mammoth holocaust to run for their petty lives. 

I think, that the amount dope of exceeded all visible levels when this words were written. Radioactive Chernobyl Mammoth evoked by the excessive consumption of hallucinogenic mushrooms did what they had to.  A good piece of crusty sludge. 8.5/10

 I'm sure you can't get over this :

"Just in time for the 'Northern Aggression' tour, FISTULA 'Northern Aggression' is now available as a deluxe CD limited to 150 copies only. Each disc will he housed in a DVD case, containing a 6"x5" woven patch. In addition to 'Northern Aggression,' for the first time 'Loser' is available as well as their cover of MENTORS 'Going Through Your Purse.' Only 50 copies will be available through the PATAC Records Distro, the rest will be sold at the 'Northern Aggression' shows."


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