EGGNOGG seeks to fund the release of their forthcoming full-length album, "You're All Invited," on vinyl record.

If you have some $2000 extra you can:
1. help one robust band to record and release a vinyl
2. Get tons of goodies from the band  plus McDonald's menu challenge. The band members will each attempt to consume every item on the menu, and the event will be filmed and dedicated in your honor.

Is not it worth it?

"In the time since the 2011 release of their second album Moments in Vacuum, EGGNOGG has been hard at work writing and recording this follow-up, full-length LP entitled You're All Invited.
You're all Invited is a conceptual record beginning with Rituals in Transfigured Time. A 22-minute conglomeration of five pieces that transition seamlessly, Rituals in Transfigured Time will fill up the entire first side of the record. The second side of the record will begin with a song entitled Meshes of the Afternoon, and the eponymous Egg Nogg will conclude the album. Egg Nogg is a composition which encompasses such a remarkable contrast of apocalyptic sludge and hard-rock riffery that the band is proud to consider it their theme song.
On the whole, You're All Invited is sure to be EGGNOGG's heaviest, trippiest, and well-composed work to date, and it maintains the spirit of refined rawness and reinvention that has defined the band's music since their debut album in 2009.
The great number of fans seeking vinyl copies of the band's previous albums has made it clear that You're All Invited deserves a proper record release. This will be the band's first vinyl release, and the members of EGGNOGG are very excited for the opportunity to put the record out in its most natural and appropriate form, complete with full-sized artwork."

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