Ethereal Riffian "Shaman's Visions" Remastered

Digitally re-mastered version with some artwork details coming this April ! If you're interested - you're welcome at the Robustshop bookmark.

Personally, I recommend you to keep your eyes wide shut and ears opened for the following compilation :

It includes tons of good bands with an exclusive tracks. Ethereal Riffian is also on ot with an epic 12 minute long track called "March of Spiritu (Rise of Sheol) ". It goes like a massive river of mud. Awesome feelings after listening to it, believe me.

Very limited FDIIV Endless Edition, with a CD, a DVD and some visuals cards, all in a metal box will also be available. 


And you can also catch Ethereal Riffian on the road during the European Tour with Stoned Jesus

And there's also a good gig coming with mighty Moon Mistress from Moscow on 28.04.2012