Keepleer 18 - 2012 - Demo

Honestly to say I was more than surprised when I heard Keepleer 18.
4 Good fellas from Chernigiv, UA are making 1st class sludge with the lethal dose of powerviolence vox.
Imagine Eyehategod has a singer from Dietpills/Upsidedown Cross/Kilslug/AxCx
Creamy sound. And ugly as hell throat vibes. The contrast between comfort and discomfort that everyone needs, isn't it ? 

The band was formed this Spring 2012
The name comes from the Planet called Kepler-18
"The Kepler-18 system is one of the galaxy's busiest places, with two Neptune-sized planets and a super-Earth orbiting around a single star. We know this, thanks to a bold new exoplanet-hunting technique that could help us find more Earth-like planets. "

Also Kepler is a space observatory launched by NASA to discover Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. The spacecraft, named in honor of the 17th-century German astronomer Johannes Kepler, was launched in March 2009 and has been active for 3 years, 7 months and 4 days as of today (11 October 2012)

heeey,  it's fuckin' all-star band by the line-up :

Drums: Slava (Die!Pig)
Bass: Myshko (Dan Stark)
Throat : Sergey (Remorse, Опять Мигрень)
Guitar: Vadim (ex-Remorse)

I recommend you to check all the bands that members are involved in.

3 track demo comes below :

1.Umboorakaar (6:24)

2.Shiinoor (3:14) 3.Asaaviit (6:38)

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