Basement Apes Live

Basement Apes Live is a live music program that broadcasts online every Monday evening (Australian Eastern Time). Each week we feature two bands playing in a totally live, raw and unrehearsed setting.

We've got two bands that I'm sure would appeal to your audience (and hopefully yourselves!).  Destroy She Said play hard rock in the classic Aussie pub rock tradition (think AC/DC and you're close) and Sheriff play a combination of old style Sabbath riffs mixed with a big southern rock influence.

Personally my new favourite Australian Video since Gay Paris' ((c). PhillO))))

and one more sweetie from Sheriff

1st show is in da house.
Pretty awesome. I'm sure that I will follow all the future stuff.
Good start. Good luck you guys from Melbourne !

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The url for the show is http://www.basementapes.com.au
Our facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/BasementApesLive

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