Which side are you on ?

Great Album from the UK noiserock/Shoegaze/Psychedel
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too lazy to write a review, so :
"Whilst most sleazy rock bands belt out great immediate songs that are ultimately disposable, this London three piece go the long way round and just mutate what, at the heart of their sound , is fuzzy go ahead rock , and twist it in to a myriad of shapes that create a rather unique whole. If you start taking note of what bands come to mind as you listen to Which Side Are you on? You’ll soon run out of paper, since there is so much interweaved in these twelve songs that you’ll just end up scratching everything off and writing a big fat Notorious Hi Fi Killers on the What They Sound Like and be done with it. There’s the hard hitting Motorhead bass groove of ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ , there’s the trippy psychedelia of the enormous Near The Final Destination, the far away sounding ambience of The Distance Between Us, the Melvins esque crushing swagger of Feels Like I’m Fading Away , and the pure Black Sun nasty sludge destruction of Queen O Fuck, All this is just scratching the surface, as the whole thing is enveloped in a hazy mist that is both classic Sabbath and vintage Kyuss, giving the albums songs a common thread that prevents them from disassociating from each other due the wildly different directions they point in. If you want something that’s intelligent and original but which at the same time is immediate and nods wisely to the past classics, The Notorious Hi Fi Killers are your men" - Rock-A-Rolla

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