unholy grave & neon hole - 2010 - Split 7''

this is taken from http://keepthegrindcorealive.blogspot.com/

we all know and love UG. So it's fun & fast as the grindcore should be.
But first of all I want to keep your attention at Neon Hole. they come from Appleton, Wisconsin
United States and playing great as fuck grindcore/powerviolence with so great sludge/doom parts.

few words from myspace page :
Built upon a monolith of Grind core and Doom the answer is yes, you can stack shit that high and it will topple and crush you in darkness.

Great video from Neon Hole
the label 1
the label 2


  1. почему тег грейвс эт си?

  2. напомнили по звучанию

  3. но кто-то уже умело подчистил )