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Stoner rock band RIOTGOD consist of current members of MONSTER MAGNET. Their brand of ’70s-style rock, ’90s grunge and psychedelic rock is an interesting blend. It has a familiar sound — somewhat radio-friendly — yet fresh and vibrant.
Drummer Bob Pantella and bassist Jim Baglino’s association with MONSTER MAGNET will garner interest in RIOTGOD, but guitarist Garrett Sweeny and vocalist Mark Sunshine give the band its distinct flavor. Sunshine’s raspy and commanding vocals combined with Sweeny’s electrifying guitar leads are mesmerizing, even after repeated listens.
RIOTGOD’s sound is a cross between SOUNDGARDEN and LED ZEPPELIN, with Sunshine mimicking Chris Cornell at times, then Robert Plant. The music has a sludgy feel to it, a little space rock at times, but melodic and catchy.
The self-titled debut offers 14 tracks of diverse and catchy songs that never seem to get boring. It was originally self-produced and released in 2009, but with the group now signed to Germany’s Metalville Records, it’s been re-released, and the European digipak contains two new songs.
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