Stoned Bikers in Space

Black Space Riders resurrect the ancient gods! Earthbound: Boots covered with dirt! Heavenly insane: heads up in space! Fuzz-guitars meet psychedelic space-echoes, between very slow and very fast, between driving and dragging.
The self-titled debut was recorded and produced during heavy snowfalls and arctic frost in the beginning of 2010 at “die Tonmeisterei” in Oldenburg (Germany). A full-blown, warm … spacious … open sounding recording with many details and a big love for vintage equipment resulting in a one-hour-trip through black and infinite space … a black book of cosmic salvation … 13 hypnotic, heavy, guitar-driven songs between metal, doom, space-, psychedelic- and stoner-ROCK: space-doom, baby! (from band's site)


Band's website

Catch the Ride or Wipe the Sweat

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