Lizzard Wizzard (Interview)

I'm really glad to have this interview with you. Ok, let's start with exchanging our national t-shirts and jokes about the horse in the bar))

Hey, man. Thanks for the interest, really appreciate it.  

What was the emotions that overwhelmed you when you took your first album in your hands?

Oh dude, we were all purely stoked. Mark Perry who recorded us did a crazy good job. Same with Brad Boatright from Audiosiege with the mastering, Iain Danvers with the art and Houdini Tapes for making the killer tape bundle.

No matter how I tried, I couldn't find comprehensible info about your band. So, I think it's time for you to tell us some of the band's biography)

Lizzard Wizzard is essentially an excuse to hang the fuck out weekly. We're all big time pals and Luke, Nick and I share members in our other bands SMHG, The Fevered and FVCK MOUNTAIN.

Who came up with an idea to release album on cassette, and not only that, but even with such great “bonus” inside?) I heard it’s already sold out)

Houdini Tapes from California got in contact with us for any interest to do a tape release.  All kudos goes to them for the amazing bundle ideas.  I think there are a few left up on TAPEWORSHIPREC (https://www.facebook.com/TAPEWORSHIPREC) but those are it!
Recently you announced that you going to enter the studio and new release is going to be split album. Who’s the other band that share album with you, or is it a secret for now?)

We've just finished up vocals for the release, everything's sounding a lot tighter and the thought process going into the songs is a lot more involved.  We jammed these songs out while writing for another full length that we hope to release later on this year.  More will be revealed about the split very soon 8-)

's talk a little about gigs. What was the most extreme/worst place where you played?

The most fun we've had at shows was our recent jaunt down to Sydney (about 12 hours driving away from our hometown), playing at an awesome venue called Blackwire Records, and at a venue where Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 on a projector screen was set up, a mini half-pipe was also set up, a smoke room filled with lasers and a lot of alcoholic beverages.

What is stone/sludge for you amigos? Is it The way of life, just fun or maybe something else?

Remember in the 80's Transformer movie where some of the Autobots crash land on the Junk Planet and Wreck-Gar is a total bro to the Autobots after he was a dick to them?  Pretty much that but with more drugs.

Tell us a little about every member of the band, who, how, especially I’m interested in your credit card numbers!))

I make a real good french press coffee. Luke can recite the whole Skeletor vs Beastman rap from CKY. Clarke does a mean BBQ. Nick has this generation's stinkiest butt.

What's the thing that keeps you moving on and doesn't let you quit music and underground?

Ain't nothin' gonna break our stride. Ain't nothin' gonna hold us down. No no. We got to keep on riffing.

How do you attune yourself before going on stage? Do you have your own recipe of good gig?

Cool friends, free frothy beers, maybe a cheeky jazz cigarette? I think that we get together and it's always super giggly and people really seem to respond to that.

And what about stage-diving, do you like to jump off the stage yourself? Or are you a fan of staying to the side with a beer in your hand and enjoying the show?)

STAGE DIVING IS SICK. People can totally stage dive to Lizz Wizz whenever they want, although they'd probably be moving pretty slowmo ith our tunes, haha.

A bit about persuasion... What a conception must have sludge song for you? And what do you think are superfluous elements in this style?

Vibes! Vibes are everything. Fuckin' Eyehategod sounds so haggard and it really comes through in the recordings. We don't really like over-use of samples in sludge or people who get way too caught up in "who uses what gear".

I know that you're fans of lying on a couch and watching movies, so am I, he he. And it's always good to have a beer with the movie. What's the best beer in Australia?)

Don't believe a word of what you're hearing about Fosters. That really isn't a thing here. What even is that.

We really enjoy the local stylings of Stone and Wood or Coopers Pale or Matlida Bay Fat Yaks. Great stuff and not like, craft beer pricey.

What a most stupid thing do you did in personal life?

Luke has a monster of a story involving caffeine pills, and it goes a little something like this, in his words;

"I just finished work at a shitty job I had when I was 17/18, and was heading to a deathcore show about 40 minutes on the train away from work.  Being tired, a decision was made by me to buy a 24 pack of "No-Doz" (cheap caffeine pills) which I had taken occasionally in my life, and I felt that they were meant to work as a placebo to feeling tired.  After washing all 24 down with 2 cans of redbull in about 15 minutes, I met up with a friend, and got on an express train that wouldn't stop at a station for 20 minutes.  This turned out to be a poor idea, as my body at this point decided to reject the pills via vomiting, which wasnt a desirable outcome as it was on a 5:00pm packed peak hour train.  Luckily a nice girl who I accidentally sprayed vomit on, and my friend helped me off the train three stops before the one we were aiming for.  I washed myself as best as I could in a shitty suburb train toilet, and pushed onto the gig.  I missed out on seeing the bands as I was dropping in and out of consciousness on a kitchen floor, vomiting for a solid 15 minutes or so before deciding to walk back to the train station and go home.  After walking home in extreme pain/embarrassment from the vomiting, I ended up in the fetal position in my shower with my mum having to deal with my shit.  After much more vomiting/mum, I got to bed, vomited more, sprouted an erection that wouldnt go away for 2-3 hours, had to crawl past my mum and try to hide said erection due to filling my vomit bucket up in my room. 

In conclusion, dont do drugs."

Who’s the greatest scaly wizard in your band?) Could he cast me a beer for example, hehe?)
We are all a bit scaly, I think.

Well, our bong is almost empty now, so finish it, guys) A couple of last words from you, please, for our readers.

Thanks man, its been great. Hopefully you will hear from us soon with new jams!

(Interview by Bilous)

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