Planet of Zeus (Interview)

01) 3,2,1… Houston, we’re going into orbit.....pshshhhhhhhh…. Hi, guys, how’re you doing? Do you like to watch clear sky with stars while drinking some local brewed alcohol?)

We are doing great! Our Greek Spring tour for our new album “Vigilante” just kicked off. There are still some gigs in Greece and some summer festivals in Europe, before our third European tour, which will start late August.
Watching the clear sky and drinking some local brewed alcohol, either separately or combined, are some of our main activities in our everyday lives.

02) Zeus was chosen by you from all of other Greek gods because of his mighty beard?) 
The beard was actually the last of the criteria. Being the God of Gods and the biggest planet on the universe stroke us most.

03) We would like to know the name of the artist that created your album cover. It’s simply a masterpiece! Who is this person, come on, tell us!)

Aris Panagopoulos ( A.D. Visions) is the man behind the cover and the whole artwork of “Vigilante”. Aris has designed some of our latest posters and T-shirts, which were awesome, and so we decided that he should be the one who will take care of our new cover.

04) As far as I know, you planned the tour this summer. Was there any thoughts about visiting Kiev? I hope you are not afraid of what's on TV now? 
Our European tour kicks off from Sofia, Bulgaria on the 28th of August. The routing was already fixed when we had an offer for some shows in Ukraine. We are not afraid of what’s on TV. Rotting Christ went to Ukraine for a few shows when the riots were on, and nothing happened. Hope we can make it pretty soon and visit Ukraine for some gigs.

05) Who's your next victim in your brand new album "Vigilante"?

Traitors, Mistreaters, Abusers.

06) What about Bach, Mozart, Lady Gaga, or you only listen to brutal & smoke music?)

There is an open-mind mentality in each member of the band as far as music is concerned. Bach, Mozart or Paganini sound as majestic as Emperor, while Lady Gaga sounds like having a good time.

07) Do you like to read brand-new fanzine, smell the scent of paper and all that stuff? Tell us about if there’re fanzines in Greece.

15 years ago, there was actually a fanzine-frenzy going on. You could find and read fanzines about any kind of underground music.
15 years later, we smell the scent of our pc screens!

08) I definitely can say that you ain't some foolish people. Do you like to read books? What's your favorites?)

Anything in between Jenna Jameson’s “How to make love like a porn star: A cautionary Tale” to Dalton Trumbo’s “Johnny got his gun”. The list is endless.

09) How do your neighbors react when you turn on sludege/stoner at full volume?)

They usually knock on our door and invite themselves in!!!

10) Here's a blitz poll:

Favorite musician? Tough Question
Favorite beer?Any beer is good beer. Beer is good for you.
Favorite crust album?Haven’t heard many albums of this genre, but Sarabante’s “Remnants” sounds great.
Favorite type of cabbage?The psychedelic purple one.

11) Continue the phrase: a horse comes into the bar...

…And gets really attracted by a goat’s boobs.

12) Band’s cool, but what about your hobbies, guys? Maybe there’s somebody collecting beer cans in your band by any chance?)

Some of our hobbies are a bit hard to mention and may cause legal problems!

13) Do you believe that we’re not from this planet and all that stuff?

We are human beings and we belong to Planet Earth.

14) How often you have hangovers after another gig?)

Never. We are immune to alcohol.

15) Imagine that you appeared in deep jungle, and on your way out of there you meet tribe of cannibals. Your actions, monsieur?)

Keep calm and try to communicate using any Chris Barnes’ grawls/lyrics

16) PSHHHHH…. Houston, we’re landing, pshhhhh…. Thank you so much for this interview, any last words?)

Thank you too for the interview and your support!

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