Loinen - 2014 - s/t LP (Review)

Yes there was s/t Loinen album around 9 years ago.
But what we're having here is just another level of violence !
8 sludgy hooks in your semi-rotten body.
While "Parasite" belched different splits, collaborations and experimental "Noisesferatum" for the past times, this piece of sickness was laying on the shelf of Svart Records for several years under the tons of dust. Maybe it was just waiting for it's time. Just like a good aged tobacco.

Without any doubt Loinen got their own style in arts, tunes, lyrics and atmosphere.
And this is pure hell.
and are one hell of hits. I wish 'em to become "radio friendly songs" for every hipster.

You'd better catch Loinen alive while you can.
Each show is unique and never repeats itself.
And yes. Robustfest was a blast

Thank you guys, you were a big part of the fest.

Please Support and grab that LP :

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