War Iron - 2012 - Fifth and Final Sun (Review)

Fuck yeah. War Iron confidently joins the list of my favourite bands that comes from Ireland.
 And it's really hard to decide who's got the gold medal for the slowest and heaviest race.
The band was born on the ruins of local stoner rock band called NAUT, death metal band called DEVILMAKESTHREE in 2006. Marty from SLOMATICS is also in the band. (By the way if you haven't heard yet "Hocht" by Slomatics so you should do it urgently)

"Fifth and Final Sun" is the second album that was released on CD by Punkerama records on 20th of October 2012.
(The first 2-long-track album "The Faceless Sea" was released on vinyl and CD in 2011)

So let's take a closer look on th is record :
 -Four songs that lasts for 40 slow minutes.
-As I can get from the title, texts and cover the theme of the album is about Aztek-Mayan prophecies. Belive this or not, but "Fifth and Final Sun" will be the good CD to play loud for the whole day long at 21st of December. Don't forget to broke the "repeat", "stop" and "volume" buttons after the start.
 -Ultra heavy  double bass attack that you can compare with finnish Loinen.
-Brutal vocals that makes thousands of ants eating your skin simultaneously.
- Great song structure that mixes slow drone-doom parts with fast sludge shots. Think of Warhorse, Salome, Thou

In the Irish cave among locals such as Wreck of Hesperus, De Novissimis and Slomatics one more doom-sludge mammoth was born.

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