Throw The Goat - 2012 - Black Mountain

Throw the Goat is clutchy, catchy and full of energy band.
They're mixing hardcore, metal, stoner rock with southern grooves.

And I'm pretty sure that the rest of town's population that equals 3870 (to be precise) are almost diehard fans of this freakin' awesome band !

We're Throw The Goat - a heavy rock/punk/metal band from the mountains of Idyllwild, California. We would really like it if you'd check us out... you might dig our story. We're from a small town (population 3874) in the middle of nowhere, there's no scene for us where we live so we hustle our asses off playing dive bars to legendary venues around southern California and even toured down to Costa Rica last February. We've opened for Prong, Death By Stereo, D.I., Fireball Ministry and many others. We do this 100% on our own, completely independent. Our debut album Black Mountain, which we're releasing ourselves in a few weeks, can be streamed for free at: http://throwthegoat.bandcamp.com. It was produced by Alex Pappas from Finch. Hope you like what you hear, please let me know if you're interested and we'll mail you a copy or send a free download code for bandcamp, which will include our kickass cover of En Vogue's "Free Your Mind"

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