Wizard's Beard - 2012 - Four Tired Undertakers

Here they are. The last hope of UK's sludge underground, heavier than never, re-incarnation of Iron Monkey, Iro-Sludge. Yesss...Sweeet Amps' noises...After releasing the 1st fullength "Filth Pure Filth" on legendary Psychedoomelic label these guys didn't stop for a minute. And here's the second album named with the taste and simplicity - "Four Tired Undertakers". Don't get ironically the title of the record because these four heavyweights will make wizard whisper slow spells of rock'n'roll. Recommended to everyone who's into dust.

Don't forget to grow your beard before seein' 'em on Euro Tour 2012.

Listen to the 1st Album "Filth Pure Filth" here

Get new album here


  1. Last Hope? What about The Bendal Interlude.

  2. Heh. that was kind of a joke for sure. UK is full of great bands. Gonna check Th eBendal Interlude. thanks