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Head For The Sun - 2011 - LIVE!

Great Stoner/Southern Rock Band from Hungary!

(dl 4 track good quality live set for free)

Whorediezel (Hun) - 2011 - Vol.2

Ankther Good band from Hungary. Mostly Instrumental Psychedelic Vibes. Kickass Stuff.
Cover on Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" just blows my mind off.

Bezoar (Brooklyn) - 2012 - Wyt Deth

Awesome Band from Brooklyn, NY. Pretty girl Sarah doing main vocal work & bass. And doing it well. As you can reach information from the PDF file from the archive below - this band has shared stage with Jarboe, Hull, Pentagram and many other sweet bands. Recommended for your ipod list!

"Bezoar playing doom/psych/prog in the vein of Yob, Russian Circles, Amon Duul II, Celtic Frost."

Chained​/​In Fidelity Split 

This is good moshing hardcore just to keep your body slim.

Kill Kill Kill - 2011 - Beyond The Agave EP

Gifted and talanted. At least by their own words.

"We are a trip-music-collective in Los Angeles made of many
different musicians. A couple of friends started the collective
because we were bored of terrestrial drugs and playing standard music
and we needed a new psychic energy.  We harnessed all the psychic
energy we could find and killed what we new of standard music. We
Killed the idea of traditional song structure.... We Killed
traditional band makeup... and we Killed any business that has to do
with our music... that is where the name Kill Kill Kill came from.  We
then sent an open invitation to any part of the universe that feels
bored. Over the years the collective has had more than 20 members come
and go and come back again. The members include our friends from
childhood and more recently collaborations with cosmic brothers and
sisters like members from Acid Mothers Temple and the Brian Jonestown
Masacre. This is our 15th album and it was recorded in Echo Park in
2011. There is also a split 7" single with our friends Oxbow on our
friends record label Hydrahead Industries for this same album."

Look for the collaboration with Acid Mothers Temple

Fuzzly Vincebuz (Bra) - 11.11.11 Live Reunion

"we´re a rock band from Brazil,  we´re sending you a link to our the newest album  "Vincebuz & Fuzzly", we would like you to listen. Live improvisation, two drums vs two guitars and lotta smoke. "

Lord 13 - 2013

Damn. Greek's stoner stage becomes more powerful from year to year. If think fast :
Planet of Zeus, 1000 Mods, Universe 213, Guinea Pig...and Lord 13 flashes from my mind . Lord 13 is a badass band with a badass new album. One of the few bands that making freakin' good music and sharing it for free on their official web page. Keep on rocking' amigos. It worth sharing thy heaviness !!!

get everything you need at :

Some Smashing News from Boue Records :


Heavy shit.


 Heavier than everything above


 CERBER - 2012 - Mad At The Soul

 Some kind of Death metal mixed with hc/stoner. Yeah. they from Poland. Polish lyrics rocks.


and for the end of this post - new video fro Italian's noisy Duo  Le Scimmie 

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