Stasis - 2011 - Bloodhoney

This is ain't bad band....this is a good band...
First of all I want to say that being a totally underground band Stasis sounds really original and interesting. 
This cave is worth diggin'. These Mammoths came from Maine, Portland, US. The band was formed in 2004. They have rleased 3 demos and 3 EPs named by the colour (Red, White and Blue). They've also appeared on the compilation "The Stranglers Chapter 1" on the Canadian's finest Choking Hazard Label. 

Back to the record...
The album starts with two soft psychedellic tracks. This just preparing you for a long sludge journey.
Then you jump into hellfire of good-laden sludge/doom with some cool/non-ordinary experimental parts.
It's so hard-to-find all the music, composition and heavy jazz jams. So the better recommendation for you - to listen to this masterpiece at least twice.
If you're into brain feeding frequences - Stasis is the best recipe for it.

Don't forget to catch the limited re-edition of Stasis' 2nd demo "We are falling Upwards" on Dethroned records (darker division of throne Recs.)

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