Robustfellow Blog turned 5 years !

Ladies & Gentlemen, Fellas & Fellitas !
Today is a day. 5 years since Robustfellow Blog was created.
It became a good start point for doing Robustfest & Robustfellow label.

We wanna celebrate this "semi-anniversary" with you.
So let's drink some tequila, whiskey or tea this friday evening for the robust music and robust people who're involved.

And that's why we decided to share Robustfest's DVD vol.II (2012) with you.

You can find 2 different kinds of playlist on our youtube channel.

a) You can watch bands by the Festival's order: 

b) and you can also follow the printed Comic Book and watch the "Robustfellow story"

1)We still have some ltd.ed. DVDs with the comic book left, so soot us a message if you still don't have it.

2) And yes, there will be no Robustfest for this year, but we hope for the full throttle ride during 2015.

3) Nowadays we've concentrated on the "Robustfellow label". Some hot news with robust limited editions will follow really soon.

1 comment:

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