Weed Priest - 2014 - Worship EP (Review)

It's always a pleasure to review the next album after the debut.

Welcome back fellas !

Yes. New EP from the Irish' bastards - Weed Priest.
What we have here is three songs played by three fellas in twenty two minutes.
And it's good looking digi-pack CD with the sick artwork worth to be owned for your dirty needs !

The album's concept is full of hate, occult rituals and possession.
The sound quality is much, much better than on the Weed Priest's s\t debut album in 2013, that is also worth of checking out.
"Worship" is a mid-tempo doom mixed with the sludgy samples from real exorcism of Mary Ryan in '96.

Worship this album if you worship Sabbath, Weedeater, St.Vitus, High on Fire and all the things that are raw and heavy.

Keep on rockin' amigos.
Looking forward for your next heavyweight steps !

1 comment:

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